Migros regards sustainability as a concept that must serve as a guide in the conduct of all of its activities and operations. The Migros Sustainability Committee, on which all company functions are represented, is responsible for debating and assessing ways in which the sustainability both of existing activities and of newly-considered ones can be improved and for formulating a consensus-based roadmap for them.

Migros is also a member of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global umbrella organization of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers that provides the consumer goods industry with guidance on ways to conduct its activities more sustainably. Represented on the CGF Board of Directors by one of its general managers, Migros has committed itself to making improvements in the four areas that are the organization’s primary focus: Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Product Safety, and End-to-End Value Chain & Standards.

Migros became the first and only retailer in Turkey to be listed four years in a row in the Borsa İstanbul Sustainability Index, according to its sustainability practices. Migros received the “CDP Turkey Climate Leaders” award for the second time, due to the company’s plans and efforts combatting climate change. Migros was listed twice in a row in the FTSE4Good’s Emerging Markets Sustainability Index which was announced for the first time at the beginning of 2017 and is announced once every 6 months.


Informing its operations with an awareness of its responsibilities towards people, the environment, and future generations, Migros marshals both its own corporate resources and the voluntary efforts of its employees in order to undertake many different projects in areas in which it perceives there to be social benefit.

Family Clubs

Migros has implemented Family Clubs with the belief that one of the most important stages of support for the gender equality struggle is education. Along with the İnegöl Family Club’s launch in 2017, Migros has spread its work on this area to 12 locations in 9 provinces. Family Clubs offer free vocational and skills development courses and provides opportunities for everyone to socialize with people that have the same interests. In Family Clubs, a wide range of 33 different field trainings were provided. The trainings included pastry and cooking, hand embroidery, tile, ceramic painting, coloring and leather design and language courses such as English, German and Spanish, diction, reporting and photography. The Family Clubs, which aim to contribute to the development of children, offer chess, painting and guitar training to children. In addition, children's knowledge and imagination are improved by organizing workshops on coding and renewable energy sources, which are among the most important topics in the modern world. There are women from all over Turkey, who participated in Family Clubs that established their own businesses with the knowledge and skills they have acquired in these courses. 36,200 people have been reached through Family Clubs since it was established to the end of 2017.

Good Living Store Tours for Children

Continuing its approach for striving to supply its customers only with the best, freshest, and the highest-quality products, in order to carry out social responsibility projects towards the community health, Migros emphasizes the importance of balanced nutrition and physical exercise for human health and wellness. In the last two years, at the end of The Migros Children’s Theater Festival, which has brought nearly 1 million children together through theatre at no charge over the last 23 years, Migros employees provided short trainings to child audiences that were related to Migros’ Growing up Healthy guidebooks that was prepared with the Food Safety Association. In addition, Migros began organizing Good Living Store Tours for children with the voluntary participation of its employees in 2016 and continued the tours in 2017. The tours were organized at 205 Migros stores in 65 provinces by volunteer store managers with the participation of invited children and their families from the surrounding areas. Children are educated and informed on many topics ranging from the benefits of fruits and vegetables to the control processes on the products before reaching the shelves, from the Good Agricultural Practices to the subtleties of label reading. Children were also informed about the benefits of waste collection boxes in stores and the difference they can make for a better future by recycling. Migros’ Growing up Healthy guidebook was gifted to the children on the tours where balanced nutrition and physical activity were emphasized. By the end of 2017, Migros had reached 81,000 children with all the projects that had been organized as part of the of good living awareness program.

Respecting Food Project

In 2017, as a first in Turkey via a digital platform to match supply and demand, Migros started to send produce, which does not satisfy visual sales criteria but is otherwise fine from a nutritional standpoint, to food banks and social markets on a daily basis. Migros has donated 58 tonnes of food with this project and contributed to sending 138,095 meals worth of food to people in need. Migros aims to expand the project countrywide.

Fresh Leftovers to Our Four-Legged Friends Project

Migros has been carrying out the “Fresh Leftovers to Our Four-Legged Friends” project since 2014 to donate food products through associations which have approached their sell-by date but are still edible to feed wildlife, stray animals and animals kept in shelters. Through this project, 281 tonnes of food were donated in 2017.  In addition, 193 tons of food from Mersin and Antalya fresh produce warehouses were given for the feeding of farm animals.

Accessible Store Project

Migros started the 'Accessible Store' project, which brings together the services it offers to disabled and elderly customers under one title. The project was piloted in 2016 and 48 Migros and Macrocenter stores in 12 provinces were labelled as ‘Accessible Stores’ in 2017.

In Migros and Macrocenter stores, which are suitable for the Accessible Store concept, there is at least one employee, who knows sign language to help with hearing impaired customers, and customers can distinguish these employees from their badges that indicate they know sign language. The shelves of these stores, which have ramps and balustrades at the entrance to facilitate the passage of handicapped vehicles, are also designed to fit wheelchairs. Stores which offer wheelchair service for elderly customers’ use have least one cash register with a width of 90 cm indicated by special signaling that is prioritized for disabled access. In these stores, a Migros employee assists disabled and elderly customers during their shopping if they ask for help.

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Other social responsibility projects

Migros' longest running project in the field of sports, "Special Support for Athletes with Special Needs" was transformed into the "Little Athletes" project in 2016. Part of the revenue from Procter & Gamble products sold at Migros stores are donated to Turkey Special Olympics Committee, children who need special education between the ages of 2 and 7 are allowed to improve their coordination skills and socialize with their peers. The project has made it possible for 5,900 special young people to be introduced to sports, with the contributions of 9 million Migros customers in 13 years.

Through its customers, Migros supports the efforts of the Books for Everybody Foundation to encourage reading habits in children. “Books for Everybody Foundation” bins are set up in Migros stores in which customers can put books that they buy at a discount from Migros as well as used books which they bring from home. Since 2013, 48,194 books have been donated in this way and sent to schools all over Turkey. Every year at the week of April 23th, customers who want to cheer needy children up, can donate toys, children’s book and stationary items that they buy from Migros stores by putting them in the bins of Educational Volunteers of Turkey (TEGV).

Under the “Clothes Donation Campaign” that Migros has traditionally been conducting jointly with Ariel (a P&G detergents manufacturer) since 2010, the company has supported the donation of more than 600 thousands garments to 275 thousand children.