I have first issue / old issue share certificates in my possession. I have neither received dividends nor bonus issue shares previously. What should I do to obtain these?

First of all, your share certificates are no longer in force under current circumstances and they need to be exchanged with new issue shares. You need to dematerialize your share certificates in order to be able implement the transactions for the new share acquisition coupon and to obtain payment of dividends for past years. You will need to apply to the Yapı Kredi Bank branch nearest to your address to be able to conduct the dematerialization transactions. The dematerialization transactions can be conducted by informing the Yapı Kredi Bank branch nearest to your address about the account number of your investment account at any bank or intermediary institution. If you do not have an investment account, the relevant Yapı Kredi Branch will open an investment account in your name. If your shares are dematerialized, the rights that will be vested in the future dividend distribution or bonus share issuances by Migros will be automatically deposited in your account.

I reside outside of Istanbul. Do I need to come to your headquarters in Istanbul to be able to exchange my old issue share certificate with the 11th issue?

No. To be able to exercise your rights to receive dividends and bonus issue shares, it is sufficient that you apply to the Yapı Kredi Bank nearest to your address, together with your share certificates.

I have a number of share certificates for your Company in my possession, how can I follow the bonus issue share and dividend transactions in an easier way?

You can deposit the share certificates in your possession in an investment account in an intermediary institution or a bank that deals with purchase and sale of securities. That way, all of your transactions will be conducted automatically upon your consent and you will be saving time.

Who may I contact in your Company to receive information about the share exchange transactions?

You can direct all questions about this matter to the e-mail address of yatirimci@migros.com.tr.