1. Purpose
Migros Ticaret A.Ş. structures its strategies with a customer satisfaction approach that raises the retail standards in the countries it operates in order to achieve sustainable quality, reputability and sector leadership. Migros Human Resources aims to provide the human resource that will create a competitive advantage in our company on realizing these strategies, to develop the systems to constantly motivate and manage human resources and implement these systems in line with the corporate principles. It aims to establish and implement Human Resources Systems that correspond with the company strategies,values and serve for employees’ happiness and engagement.

Migros Human Resources aims to provide the human resource that will create a competitive advantage in our company on realizing these strategies, to develop the systems to constantly motivate and manage human resources and to make sure these systems operate in integration with each other.

2. Our Employer Brand
As Migros Ticaret A.Ş. our employer value proposition (EVP) for existing and potential employees is “Good Job, Good Future”. Our main employer qualities that we have determined together with our employees and capitalized on are as follows:
  • We are a reliable and corporate family
  • We aim for the top
  • We are constantly developing
  • We are innovative
  • We provide all our employees equality of opportunity and strong career development opportunities.

3. Search and Selection
The main purpose of Search and Selection is to provide the human resource that will create a competitive advantage in realizing the corporate strategies within the necessary time using the most objective and effective evaluation tools to the company.

It covers all the human resource needs and completion of them within the organization.

In our recruitment process, there is no discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual preference, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, pregnancy or military service status. In the candidate selection process, they are selected according to their experiences, skills, competencies required by the position.

4. Internal Application System
The purpose of our internal application system is to provide for our workforce needs from internal sources and thus give our own employees different career opportunities in the company to increase their motivation and engagement.

5. Performance Management System
Through our Performance Management System, it is aimed to guide our employees’ career development/back up, income package and development plans in line with evaluation results by making sure that the goals to be reach in line with the company strategies are embraced by all our employees and the performance of our employees are monitored in a fair and productive manner.

Goal determination, performance monitoring and performance evaluation processes comprise the main steps of the Performance Management System. The employee and manager must be in agreement at every stage. The personal performance notes achieved as a result of the Performance Evaluation comprise the input for career development/back up, income package and development plans.

6. Job Evaluation System
The purpose of our Job Evaluation System is to determine the relative contributions of work to the results of the organization in a fair and methodological manner and to assess the relative size of jobs.

According to the job evaluation methodology each varying position in our company is evaluated according to the size of the job, knowledge-skill, responsibility and problem solving criteria. Job families and a level structure were formed unique to the company by forming groups of roles which have common characteristics taking into consideration with vision, strategy and goals; and these groups have been organized into levels according to objective criteria.

Job Evaluation provides critical input for Performance Management, Reward and Remuneration, Search and Selection, Training Development and Career Planning/Back Up processes. It is a platform that can be used as the infrastructure for all “Integrated Human Resources Systems” and impacting remuneration in particular.

7. The Remuneration System
The main purpose of Remuneration Management is to manage the total income package of employees based on job -evaluation results and outside and inside of company salary balances with fair and competitive salary policies distinguishing and rewarding performance.

The Remuneration System is based on the salary policies which are determined annually according to job family/level of positions, the salary market, the existing salary structure of the company and the ability to pay. The employee raises are determined according to the PIR (position in range) calculated with these salary principles and the results of individual performance evaluations.

The salaries and benefits of blue collar workers are evaluated in the scope of the Collective Labor Contract.

The salaries determined according to the above procedures are then approved by Migros Human Resources & Industrial Relations Assistant General Manager and our General Manager.

8. Competency / Potential Evaluation / Strategic Human Resources
Competency is the observable behavior that includes the knowledge, skill and attitude that distinguishes the highest level of performance.

The purpose of our Competency Evaluation process is to determine the individual competency profile that is compatible with our company culture and to match the requirements of a job with the qualified employee. Also the purpose is to create the human resources necessary to support the strategic human resources planning of our company and maintain it as well as determine the backup for key positions and identify the Potential & Star candidates.

The compatibility of our employees to the position profiles are evaluated in line with the organizational needs planning that supports our company’s productive growth strategy; critical position backups and potential & star candidates are determined, they are approved by management decision in Strategic Human Resources Planning Meetings and then finalized.

9. Development Planning
The Development Planning process planned each year for Store Management and every 2 years for Administrative Units starts with the announcement of competency evaluation results. Our employees, who can view their evaluation results on the system, fill out the Development Agreement on the system and determine which skill they will improve and which development activities (in class training, online training, article, book, complementary activity) they will participate in and enable the evaluations to provide input for the development process. The filled form is first submitted to the manager of the employee then to the Training Department for approval.

While the requests in Development Plans of employees for the development tools such as online training, article, book, complementary activity are automatically assigned, in class training is organized by the “Migros Retail Academy” and announced by email.

10. The Reward Systems
Migros Reward and Premium Systems aims to reward differentiated individual/team work, customer admiration and appreciation through differentiated branches in Reward System to recognize the achievements of employees and increase their company engagement and motivation in line with the company goals.

11. Career Planning Management (Appointment/Promotion Processes)
The Career Planning Process; is a fair and reliable process that is carried out at certain periods to support the company’s productive and profitable growth strategy by appointing/promoting qualified candidates suitable to the profile of the positions within the framework of a certain standard depending on the principles of objectivity and transparency.

In the promotion processes; for our store employees, being successful in the results of the competency & performance evaluations in the Store Career Recipes booklet and in the results of Migros Development Center are taken into account. They are expected to meet the training and seniority criteria sought for each position and not to have any warning/caution. They are also required to be successful in exams and interviews for some positions.

This process is evaluated for our employees in HQ within the framework of the job analysis forms created by their job size and according to the headcount situation. The career development of our employees is impacted by the requirements of the position they are in, the level definitions of job families they are depending on and changes of their job size. Job Evaluation provides critical input for Performance Management, Reward and Remuneration, Search and Selection, Training Development and Career Planning/Backup processes.

12. Employee Relations Management
The aim of our Working Life Evaluation Survey is conducted by an independent company is to measure the level of satisfaction and engagement of our employees, to identify what needs to be improved and prioritize them. The results of this survey guide our improvement activities on working life. 

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. last amendment date: 18.06.2020