Our company applies the severance and notice compensation provisions of the Labor Law no 4857. Employees - or the legal heirs thereof in the event of such employee’s death - whose employment contracts have been terminated in accordance with one of the circumstances requiring payment of a severance compensation and who have been employed with our company for at least one year, shall receive a severance payment based on their term of employment with our company.

Article 17 of the Labor Law no 4857 is applied in those circumstances requiring the service of a notice. The principles outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement are applied to those of our employees who are included within the scope of the collective bargaining agreement. The dismissal severance is paid by serving notice on the employee that his/her employment contract is to be terminated and either granting the employee leave to find other employment as per the time periods specified in the Labor Law no 4857 based on such employee’s seniority or payment of the employee’s salary for the duration of such notice period.

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. last amendment date: 18.06.2020