1.Migros's Responsibilities Towards its Employees
2.The Responsibilities of Employees Towards the Company
3.Migros's Responsibilities Towards Other Companies
4.Migros's Responsibilities Towards the Community
5.The Responsibilities of Employees Towards Employees
6.In General

1.Migros's Responsibilities Towards its Employees
Migros completely fulfills all of its legal obligations towards all of its employees. In situations where the requirements of law are not sufficiently clear, Migros consults those who have specialized knowledge on the matter.
Migros is mindful of the rights of its employees within the framework of its rules of business ethics in situations where the rule of law provides for less.
In all hirings, promotions, and appointments, the only criteria to be taken into account are the qualifications for the position: Migros creates equality of opportunity among its employees.
Migros does not involve itself in the personal affairs or private lives of its employees and holds all of the information it has about its employees in strict confidence.
Migros provides training opportunities for its employees to improve themselves professionally and personally.
In all of its dealings with its employees, Migros does not discriminate in any way on the basis of sex, age, ethnic origin, or creed.
In matters that are related to employees, Migros seeks to include their opinions as much as possible in any decisions that are concerned with the Company's future.
Migros provides healthy and safe working conditions as dictated by the requirements of law and of the Company's business and it seeks to improve them to the best of its ability.
Migros holds in strict confidentiality and does not divulge any private information (such as medical records, shopping habits, economic circumstances etc) about its employees that it may come into possession of in any way whatsoever.

2. The Responsibilities of Employees Towards the Company
Migros employees strictly reject any offers of material or moral benefits from third parties made to influence their conduct of activities falling within the areas of their individual responsibility.
Migros employees inform their immediate superior whenever entering into a one-on-one business relationship with any company in which a close relative works, has a partnership interest, or is the owner and they take action with his knowledge.
Migros employees exhibit maximum attention and care when fulfilling the duties given to them and they make every effort so that the work they do can be of higher quality, faster, and more economical.
Migros employees refrain from any act or behavior that would damage the Company's image and reputation. During working hours they remain within the modes of dress and behavior that have already been established by company management or are generally accepted.
Migros employees are neither indifferent nor unresponsive when confronted by any situation that is contrary to the Company’s interests and they notify the appropriate Company units instead
Migros employees avoid waste and use all of the Company's fixtures, tools, and equipment for the purposes for which they are intended. They do not make use of anything the Company provides them to do their jobs for their own private benefit.
Migros employees do not divulge outside the Company any confidential or private information that they become aware of as a consequence of their position or the work that they do. Without the written approval of the Company's management they do not give interviews or make statements of any kind to any media organization.

3. Migros's Responsibilities Towards Other Companies
Migros complies with the requirements of law in all its activities.
No unjustified gain may be secured from any individual or organization for any reason whatsoever. Migros makes all its goods and services procurement decisions in line with established and publicly disclosed criteria.
It is important for Migros that its business partners refrain from tarnishing the image and reputation of Migros in their own business activities and that they give importance to Migros's proven business values.
Migros checks to ensure that the services it obtains on a continuous basis from other organizations are provided in compliance with the requirements of law and it takes necessary action accordingly.
Migros does not divulge confidential information it receives from a company that serves it to third parties without that company's permission.

4. Migros's Responsibilities Towards the Community
Migros makes every effort to uphold the standards that its customers expect of it.
Migros seeks to fulfill all of its tax and other obligations in full and on time and to be an example to the community on such matters.
Migros does not make humiliating, derisory, or offensive statements concerning other companies, organizations, products, or individuals.
Migros takes care in all its activities to avoid causing harm to the natural and historical legacy and to behave in accordance with customs, mores, and traditions and it complies with all the requirements of law on such matters.
Migros defends its business ethics in its sector and strives for calcification, furtherance, and acceptance of these principles.

5. The Responsibilities of Employees Towards Employees
Migros employees do not divulge private information concerning other company employees that they come into as a consequence of their jobs except where it is a requirement of their jobs.

6. In General
The Migros Committee on Business Ethics set up within the Company is responsible for dealing with and clarifying any issues that are not dealt with by the principles set forth above.