Life of Migros

From the very first day, our job is to trace a path to the future!
We continue to improve candidate and employee experience by focusing on technology and innovative practices.

From Diversity Into Harmony!

We are much more than a retail company. At the huge family of Migros, we turn our differences into diversity, and diversity into harmony.

Thanks to more than 50 thousand Migros employees including indirect employment, we make a difference in Turkey and in our sector.



Percent of Female Employees


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Employee Experience at Migros

We are a "data" and "technology" company! As the pioneer of the modern retail sector in Turkey, we serve the needs of our community both through our physical stores and through our online channels including Sanal Market and Migros Hemen. We follow the principles below in order to offer the perfect employee experience to Migros employees;

At Migros, we evaluate all candidates and employees under fair conditions and objective criteria.
By practicing this policy in all of our Human Resources processes including recruitment, competency assessment, performance management and career planning, we continue to be always accountable.

In line with our Human Rights and Equal Opportunities policy, we work hard so that everyone can have transparent, fair and equal rights. We are aware that sustainable growth is only possible through equal chances and various perspectives.
We are a member of LEAD Network Europe, an organization that contributes to increasing the number of female employees and managers in retail and consumption sectors. While doing our part in employing women in the sector and in Turkey, we extend the same approach to our global operations and we guide our efforts accordingly.

We are a dynamic company that always stays young, combining 65+ years of experience with next-generation, agile decision-making skills.

Embracing the agile working model as a company culture, we create infrastructure and working environments to design the shopping experience of the future.


Migros Retail Academy

We have been maintaining our operations for many years as the corporate academy of Migros, the pioneer of modern retail sector in Turkey.

In line with company strategies and sector requirements, we aim to develop all our employees' professional, personal and leadership competencies.