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Any product bought from our stores can be returned to any of our stores within 30 days, provided that the package is unopened (if it is sold without packaging, on the condition that it has not been used).

On the condition that a product is opened and is defective in first use, return/exchange can be allowed during the warranty period in line with the service report to be received from the authorized service or the decision of the arbitration commission.

The product return can be processed with the requested documents below,

  • For in-store purchases: sales receipt or invoice (e-Archive invoice information slip),
  • For in-store purchases that made with a credit card: credit card slip
  • For online purchases: information slip or reference number of the order that can be found on the Migros online shopping website or mobile application.
No document is needed for return when a purchase is made with our loyalty card - Money Card.

Money and discounts earned during shopping are deducted from the returned product, and a refund is made to the payment tool from which the purchase is made. The refund for credit card spending, can also be processed as a check payment where you can use the balance next time you shop from our stores.

Our customers can return;

  • Migros Sanal Market and Migros Hemen products at the nearest Migros store or by calling our contact center at 0850 200 4000,
  • Macroonline products at the nearest Macrocenter store or by calling our contact center at 0850 200 4000,
  • Migros Extra products by calling our contact center at 0850 200 4000,
  • Taze Direkt products by calling our Happy Customer Line at 444 75 15 and creating a request for refund.

Please click here to find out adresses and phone numbers of our stores.

You can submit your new store request by completing the Contact Us form.

Please click here to find out working hours of our stores.

As Migros, we are working on Accessible Migros project that offers privileged services to our disabled customers. We have at least one employee in our Accessible Migros and Macrocenter stores who knows sign language to help the hearing-impaired and our customers can distinguish these employees from their special collar badges indicating that they know sign language. These stores have ramps and railings at the entrance and have aisles designed to enable access by wheelchairs. The stores also have wheelchairs available for the elderly and at least one wheelchair accessible checkout counter marked with special signs, prioritizing customers with disabilities. In accessible stores, upon request by disabled and elderly customers, a Migros employee will accompany and help them throughout their shopping. Please click here to see accessible Migros project stores.

As Migros, we act only within the framework of the information received from our Ministry of Health. Through information on the Ministry of Health website that the use of medical masks is appropriate and that the use of gloves is not suitable for health, the use of masks and visors in our stores has started to be used in our stores.

As of January 1 2019, according to the legislation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, plastic bags must be given for a minimum fee of 0,25 TL. Plastic bags in our stores are paid under the law.

You can reach the Customer Contact Center every day between 08:30-22:00 for your store experience feedback.
Whatsapp: 0530 300 13 00
Customer Contact Center: 0850 200 40 00.

When you become a member of Migros Sanal Market, you can take advantage of all campaigns, discounts and special advantages organized in Migros and Migros Sanal Market with your Money Card or Money Bonus MIN number that you will register in your membership information. In order to complete your Migros Sanal Market order, you do not have to rewrite the information requested from you every time such as contact information, delivery address, invoice address. You can view the orders you have previously created at Migros and Migros Sanal Market, and you can quickly place new orders through these orders. You can create favorite products, add or cancel your order. You can be included in the Migros Sanal Market announcement list, and you can follow up discounts and campaigns.

You can register your e-mail address and password in the "Kayıt Ol / Sign Up" menu and complete your membership process on You can complete your membership process by filling out the Membership Form.

You can update your membership information from the "Üyelik Bilgilerim / Profile" menu after logging in from the "Giriş Yap/Sign in" menu on You can edit your e-mail, password, personal and contact information on the Membership Form.

You can click the Forgot My Password/Şifremi Unuttum button on Type your e-mail address that you have used to log in to Migros Sanal Market. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

In order to terminate your Migros Sanal Market membership, you can submit your request by filling out the Contact Us Form

You can edit your Communication Preferences on your Sanal Market profile menu for notifications.

If you enter your password incorrectly three times in a row while logging in, your password will be blocked. You can get help from our 0850 200 40 00 Customer Care line to unblock your password.

Provision means that blocked amount of purchasing from your credit card until delivery the order.

There are online payment or pay at the door options with cash or credit card. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or Diners credit cards.

To pay with your Money credits you should login your Sanal Market account via registered Money Card.

In order to benefit from Money Bonus advantages, your Money Bonus MIN number must be registered in your Migros Sanal Market membership information. You can pay with your Money Bonus credit card on the Payment Page or by online payment options or by using your Money Bonus points.

Payment with international credit cards are not available.

No, it is sufficient to register your Money Card or 10-digit MIN number on your Money Bonus card in your account. Money Bonus includes all Money Card features. If you do not have a Money Bonus card, adding your Money Card is sufficient.

No, if your Money Card is registered, you cannot benefit from the special discounts for Money Bonus.

Your order is prepared by the Migros Sanal Market team at Migros stores where we provide Migros Sanal Market service, and the products are individually packaged according to the products you order.

The minimum order value for different online shopping formats are;
150 TRY for Migros Sanal Market orders,
50 TRY for Migros Hemen orders,
150 TRY for Macroonline orders,
500 TRY for Migros Extra orders,
90 TRY for Mion orders.
Minimum order value may vary regionally.

The minimum order value for store pickup is 50 TRY for Sanal Market and 75 TRY for Macroonline.

Free delivery thresholds vary between 750 TRY and 1.100 TRY based on the store you are linked to.Depending on the area you live in, the delivery fee for slot-based orders costs between 19.99 TRY and 29.99 TRY. For express delivery orders, delivery fee is 34.99 TRY. For your purchases with shipping from Sanalmarket, you are not charged a shipping fee for orders over 599 TRY. The shipping fee for orders below the free shipping threshold is 29.99 TRY.
Migros Hemen
Free delivery thresholds vary between 250 TRY and 500 TRY for Migros Hemen orders while delivery fees vary between 19.99 TRY and 34.99 TRY per region.
There is no delivery fee for your purchases of 1000 TRY or more.  
For orders that cost less than 1.000 TRY, for slot-based orders a delivery fee between 17.99 – 26.99 TRY including VAT (Value-Added Tax) is charged depending on the area you live in and the delivery fee for express delivery is 34.99 TRY.
Migros Ekstra
There is no delivery fee for orders over 750 TRY.  A delivery fee of 34.99 TRY is charged for your slot-based delivery orders from Migros Ekstra.
For your purchases with shipping from Migros Ekstra, you are not charged a shipping fee for orders over 599 TRY. The shipping fee for orders below the free shipping threshold is 29.99 TRY. 
Mion Online
There is no delivery fee for the orders of 349 TRY and more. For orders below the specified amount, a delivery fee of 34.49 TRY is charged.

In order to take advantage of the special prices and advantages of Money or Money Bonus on Migros Sanal Market, you must log in as a member before starting to create your order. After selecting the province and district where you want your order to be delivered on the region selection screen, you can start creating your order.

You can determine the products you want to order by browsing through the aisles on the main page or by typing the product name or brand in the search field at the top of the page. You can add the products you have specified to your basket and view your basket with the "Sepete Git" button before completing your order. On the cart page, you can delete your cart, delete the products in your cart, pieces / kg. You can update. After entering your delivery address and billing information, you can select your delivery date and time on the screen that opens. You can determine alternative products to your orders and add them if you have a special note. On the payment screen, you can choose your payment method among the payment options, and see your total order amount, discounts if any, and the amount you will pay. You can finalize your order by signing that you have read the Distance Sales Agreement and accept the terms. Then, you can see the list of the products you ordered, the amount you will pay, delivery and invoice information on the screen that will open. This screen will also be sent to your e-mail address registered in your Migros Virtual Market membership information.

You can cancel your order up to 1 hour before your order delivery group time. You can cancel your order with the "İptal Et" button on until the date and time specified. You can also cancel your order with the "İptal Et" button in the confirmation email sent to your e-mail address registered in your account until the date and time specified. If your order is successfully canceled, order cancellation confirmation will appear on the screen.

To return the product / products in your order, you can fill in the Contact Us form

You can update your order, which you have created and paid for online or at the door, up to 1 hour before your order delivery group time. You can update your order process from the "Siparişlerim" menu on the main page of the up to the specified date and time. Or, you can update your order by clicking the order number or the "Sipariş Detay" button on the order finalization page. On the order update screen; You can add to your current order, change your delivery day and / or time, change your billing information and / or order content and / or delivery address.

If you have any notes about the product / products during the creation of your order, you can add any notes you want about the product in the "Ürün Notu Ekle" field in the Product Details section on If there is a note you want to write for your order in general, you can add it to the "Sipariş Notu ekle" section on the Delivery Date and Time screen when you start the order completion process.

All products you can find in a Migros store are also available in the Migros Sanal Market. Since an online stock system is used in Migros Sanal Market, you will be connected to the stocks of the store that serves the region you are in or where you want your order to be delivered, with the selection you make on the Region Selection screen. You can specify alternative products instead of products not available in the store in your order. While completing your order, you can set your alternative preferences on the cart page. link

Whether you choose your original product or choose an alternative product, if you are not satisfied, you can return the product you want in your basket immediately during delivery. In this case, you pay the amount of the product / products you received in your order.

For online orders, a provision is taken from the credit card and the order amount is blocked. Since the products that cannot be supplied are not invoiced, the cost of these products is deducted from your order amount when the financialization is carried out.

Alternative product / order prices given instead of products that are not included in the advertisements you ordered, weight differences of the products you order in kg / grams and the products that are out of stock cause the prices. In this case, the total payment is reflected on your invoice when it is delivered to you.

You can add your request to have your piece of meat delivered as minced meat in the special note section of the product while adding the selected piece of meat (eg roast beef) from the meat section. While the products you order are being prepared in our stores, they are prepared by paying attention to your special notes.

The exchange or return of the product / products is provided as soon as possible according to your change / return request that you send us by filling out our contact us form.

Fruit and vegetable products are prepared by choosing the freshest products in the store where your order is prepared, while charcuterie and meat products are prepared by the relevant department officer according to your request in your order and delivered with special refrigerated vehicles.

Cold Chain Products collected in the store where your order is prepared are kept in freezer cabinets at -18 degrees until they are loaded in Sanal Market vehicles, and their delivery is provided by our special refrigerated vehicles.

You can make changes by logging in to and completing your order from the "My Orders" menu.

Yes, the prices in Migros Sanal Market are the same as Migros stores. However, in order to see the special discounted prices for Money Card and / or Money Bonus and to take advantage of the opportunities, you must be a member of Migros Sanal Market, and if you are a member, you must log in before you start shopping. Your Money Card or Money Bonus MIN number must be recorded in your membership information.

Yes, campaigns and discounts valid in Migros stores are also valid in Migros Sanal Market. However, in order to take advantage of the campaigns and discounts, you must become a member of the Migros Sanal Market, and if you are a member, you must log in before you start shopping. Your Money Card or Money Bonus MIN number must be recorded in your membership information. Campaigns and discounts that are valid in Migros stores and not valid in Migros Sanal Market are specified in the campaign and / or discount statements.

After logging in to, you can track your points and cheques under membership transactions.

Yes, you can use them. In order to use your points and cheques at Migros Sana market, you must be a member of Migros Sanal market, and if you are a member, you must log in before you start shopping. Your Money card or Money Bonus MIN number must be registered to your membership information.

Yes, you can earn Money points for your Migros Sanal Market grocery shopping. However, you must be a member of Migros Sanal market, and if you are a member, you must log in before you start shopping. Your Money card or Money Bonus MIN number must be registered in your membership information.

You can see all products discounted with Money on the Money Card and Migroskop Products section under the Campaigns (Kampanyalar) menu on the home page.

In order for the gifts of the products with a gift campaign to be delivered to you, you must add the main product to your basket together with the gift.

You can add your favorite products to the list of favorite products with the heart icon in the product detail when shopping at Migros Sanal market, view your favorite products from the My favorite products menu, and quickly complete your orders with the favorite products of your choice. You can remove any of the products from your Favorite Product list with the “Remove From My Favorites" option.

The CUSTOMER / BUYER has the right to withdraw within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods in contracts regarding the delivery of the goods, and in other contracts, within 14 days from the date the contract is signed, without stating any justification or paying penal terms. CUSTOMER / BUYER may also use the right of withdrawal within the period from the establishment of the contract to the delivery of the goods.

Pursuant to the Law No.6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, in accordance with the rights and obligations of the parties, you must read and approve the Distance Sales Agreement Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Agreement on the Migros Virtual Market Order Payment Page before finalizing your order. The Distance Sales Agreement you have approved is included in the Order Confirmation mail that you receive through your registered e-mail address when you finalize your order. You can then access the Distance Sales Contract of the relevant order via this Order Confirmation e-mail. Contracts are kept by Migros for a period of 6 months.

As of January 1, 2019, according to the legislation of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, plastic bags will be charged and it has become mandatory to provide bags for a minimum fee of 25 Kr. In accordance with the law, Migros sanal market has also started to apply this procedure. As an alternative to delivery with plastic bags, a choice of delivery is also offered with a reusable shopping bag.

When preparing your order, we use enough bags to deliver your products safely. How much you pay for the bags will vary depending on the amount of your order, but we will only charge you for the bags used. For example, if you need 3 bags, you pay 75 cents. You can see the total bag charge on your invoice at the time of delivery.

Since a used bag cannot be resold and must be recycled, we do not have a return procedure.

In accordance with the relevant law, bags with handles or non-handles with a double layer thickness less than 15 micron and a size smaller than 500 x 350 mm will not be charged. Our fruit and vegetable bags are in this category and will not be charged.

We use plastic bags to deliver your orders under the best conditions. But we are continuing to work on finding alternative solutions.

According to Article 175 of the Law on Restructuring Some Claims and Making Amendments to the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law and Some Other Laws and Decree Laws, which entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 25.02.2011 and reiterated numbered 27857; “Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Products Based on the 1st Idea of the 11th Article of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale and Presentation of Beverages, alcohol sales cannot be made on the internet.

You can see the provinces and districts served by on the region selection screen.

Beore starting to create your order, you can see the available delivery days and hours from the "Bölgesel Kapasite" screen on the home page.

After logging in to, and completing your order from the "My Orders” menu, you can make changes through the information Mail that is sent to you.

After logging in to link, and completing your order from the "My Orders” menu, you can make changes through the information Mail that is sent to you.

Your order is delivered to the person and/or address you provided on the delivery address page when creating your order.

Information about your order is provided to your contact phone number located in your Migros Sanal Market membership information. You can contact us about the delivery of your order by filling out our Contact Us Form.

You can get information about your order by our Whatsapp Help Center 530 300 13 00

If the product cannot be delivered due to the absence of the product in the store's inventory, the amount of the product is not reflected in your invoice. If it is reflected in your invoice, you can share the missing product information in your order by filling out our wish, complaint, suggestion form, your missing product will delivered to your address as soon as possible. contact form

You can contact us through the Contact Us Form.

You can contact the Customer Contact Center 24/7 for Migros Hemen and every day between 08:30-24:00 for Sanal Market, Macroonline, Migros Extra and Mion Online.
Whatsapp: 0530 300 13 00
Customer Contact Center:
0850 200 40 00.

You can get information about your order by our Whatsapp Help Center 530 300 13 00

Money is a Migros loyalty program that gives users advantage while shopping.

You can get Money card from all our Migros stores and e-commerce channel Sanal Market.

You can register by typing "KAYIT" and sending an SMS to 7447, or through the Migros Mobile App., or by money website.

You can update your information on our money website or Migros Mobile Application.

You can get Money Card from our nearest Migros store for only 3 TL or with Migros Mobile Application for free.

If your Money Card is lost, you have to report it by calling 0850 200 40 00. In order to become a card holder again, you can purchase a new Money Card from any Migros store for 2 TL or create a free virtual card by leaving the card number blank in the registration form.

Yes, you can have more than one Money Card

If you wish, you can turn this feature off and activate it again whenever you want. You can make changes by typing GSMAC / GSMKAPAT and sending an SMS to 5818 or through the Migros Mobile Application Profile tab.

Customers over the age of 18 can register for a card.

You can view your score information on the Migros Mobile Application or on our website.

You can view your score information on the Migros Mobile Application or on our website.

You can view your score information on the Migros Mobile Application or on our website.

You can apply for a Money Bonus credit card by typing "Money" and sending it to 3340.

It is a co-branded credit card of Migros and Garanti Bank. With a single card, it provides all the advantages of both Money Card and Bonus credit card. It collects bonuses, installments and earns Money. In other words, it offers both Bonus and Money features to our customers with a single card.

Since the Money Bonus credit card provides all the advantages of Money, you can participate in all Money campaigns and earn Money points thanks to the Money campaigns, and you can make your Migros-Macrocenter shopping even more advantageous. Moreover, you can earn extra Money points with the Money point campaigns that are exclusive to Money Bonus only. All you have to do is start your shopping with Money Bonus and pay with Money Bonus.

The Money Bonus credit card is the most profitable and convenient card at Migros and Macrocenter. You can only benefit from all Money discounts and campaigns by giving your card to the cashier at the beginning of your Migros and Macrocenter shopping, and you can make payments without the need to enter a password.

Yes, you can make contactless payments at all Migros and Macrocenter stores with your purchases under 350 TL; You can both get rid of the coin problem and speed up your grocery shopping. All you have to do is to start your shopping with Money Bonus and indicate that you want to make the payment contactless or bring your card closer to the pos device at the jet cash registers at Migros.

In order to have a Yat Kard, you must submit your boat's Certificate of Seaworthiness or a document showing that you are a member of the Seafarers' Association or a certificate of activity or a captain's license, along with a driver's license or a copy of the identity card with the Turkish ID number to our store manager and write REGISTRATION and send it to 7447. You can reach the list of stores where Yatkart is valid, via the link.

In order to have a Otel-Restaurant Card, you must submit the documents showing the company name and field of activity such as the business current tax plate, business document to our store manager, write KAYIT and send it to 7447.

The earned moneys (3.000 TL per month for Yat Kart, 2.000 TL for Otel-Restoran Kart, 750 TL per month for Servis Kart) will be loaded to the card where the shopping was made within 2 days following the purchase and can be used in all Migros, Macrocenter, 5M Migros purchases until 31 December.

You can find out your card balance on the Migros Mobile Application.

Servis Kart and Restoran Kart can benefit from discounts and money campaigns with cards, but It is not possible to benefit from the discount and money card campaigns with the Yat Kart and Otel Kart.

The money earned can be spent at all Migros, Macrocenter, 5M Migros, Migros jet stores until December 31st.

You can learn all the campaign details about Ticari Kartlar on our website.

With Bebe Money, you can earn 5% Bebe Money from all your baby and organic product purchases; You can earn 2 times more, 10% Baby Money on your purchases of Prima, Uni Baby, Aptamil, Milupa, Fisher Price branded toy products and Hayat Bebeklere Özel Ambalajlı Su 6X330ml products.

You can start taking advantage of Bebe Money opportunities by registering to Bebe Money with your Money card, from or Migros Mobile Application or by SMS (write BEBEMONEY, leave a space and write your Money card number, SMS to 5818).

Bebe money's will be loaded to the card where the shopping is made within 2 days following the shopping.

You can find out your accumulated Bebemoney points from Migros Mobile Application, cash receipt, or Money website.

You can spend the Bebe Money you collect from the Gift Catalog. Maximum 500 Bebe Money can be spent within the same month (1 month). You can reach the Gift Catalog via the link.

You can spend the Baby Money you collect on Prima, Uni Baby, Aptamil, Milupa, Fisher Price branded toy products and Hayat Bebek aquaculture products in the Gift Catalog.

You can spend your collected Bebemoney points whenever you want.

If you do not have a Money card, you can use your Istanbulcard as a Money card, and take advantage of Money advantages by reading your Istanbulcard at the beginning of the transaction. You can register your Istanbulcard with your information. If you are a Money member, you can pair your Istanbulcard with your Money Card. You can buy Istanbulkart at Migros cash registers and top up your Istanbulkart. You can shop at all Migros stores in Istanbul with the balance in your Istanbulcard. You can pay up to 300 TL at a time with Istanbulkart. You can give Money transfer order to your Istanbulcard, and transfer the Money accumulated in your Money account to your Istanbulcard.

You can do it in all Migros, 5M and Mjet format stores in Istanbul. Istanbulkart transactions cannot be made in jet cash registers.

You can only obtain an anonymous Istanbulcard from Migros stores.

You can get the Istanbulcard from Migros cash registers for 10 TL.

You can perform your transactions with Istanbulkart easily and reliably without paying any service fee.

At Migros stores, you can perform your Istanbulkart loading scales for 5,10,15,20,30,50,100,200 TL in cash.

If you are a Money member, you can make your card matching transaction from Migros cash registers or by calling the Migros Contact Center (0850 200 40 00) to add Money feature to your Istanbul card. If you are not a Money member, you can benefit from Money advantages by using your Istanbulkart at the cash registers without any transaction. In order to continue to benefit from Money advantages with your Istanbulcard, you can complete the registration process with your membership information within a month.

You need to create a Money transfer order. You can create the Money transfer order from our store cashes or by filling out the contact form. The customers who give the money transfer order for the first time will transfer the 1 and more Moneys in their Money account as a balance to your equivalent Istanbul card. 1 Money equals 1 TL.

You can perform Money Card pairing with Istanbulkart and canceling the Money transfer order from the store cashiers and Migros Communication Center ( 0850 200 40 00 ).

If you report your lost istanbulkart information to the IBB Beyaz Masa by calling 153, your İstanbulkart will be canceled. In order for anonymous istanbulkart to be canceled and closed for use, it must be defined on the person beforehand via the web or mobile application. In cases where the card matching the Money Card is lost, stolen, etc.; You must cancel your money transfer order from the cash registers or through the Migros Communication Center ( 0850 200 40 00 ). If you do not perform any of these two transactions, the transfer of Money to the lost / stolen İstanbulkart will continue.

With Money Pro Card, you can provide your employees with shopping opportunities that they can use at Migros, Macrocenter, MigrosJet, 5M Migros and Sanal Market. You can give Money Pro Card to your employees, sales teams or your dealers and customers within the scope of the rewarding program with personalized information and opportunities. You can upload different or the same content at any time you want.

Except for collective monopoly product purchases, it can be used in all product categories including promotional and discounted products without restriction on shopping.

You can check the expiration date of your Money Pro Card balance on the Migros Mobile Application, and contact your company for detailed information.

Money Pro Card also carries all the features and privileges of Money Card.

You can learn your Money Pro Card balance through our website or Migros Mobile Application.

You can register your Money Pro Card personally or update your information by calling our call center.

You need to call our call center to deactivate your Money Pro Card and inform your company representative.

The digital Shopping Code is a numeric code used in Migros shopping. It can be used for shopping at Migros, 5M Migros, Macrocenter, Migros Jet stores and Sanal Market.

More than one Digital Shopping Code can be used in the same shopping for purchases made from the store, and only one Digital Shopping Code can be used for the same shopping purchase made from Sanal Market. The Digital Shopping Code is for single use only and cannot be used by dividing. Changes, gift vouchers, etc. cannot be requested for the balance remaining in the check at the end of the shopping. There is also no return procedure for Digital Shopping Codes.

You can contact us at our mail adress for your Corporate Digital Shopping Code purchases. For your individual purchases, you can buy codes from our registers in the stores or from our Whatsapp line at 530 300 13 00.

Money Gold is a Money subscription with exclusive deals and services. All Money members can join the Money Gold world with a monthly membership fee of 29.99 TL. With Money Gold, you can order free Sanal Market services, earn 50% discount on your Favorite product twice a month, earn 20 TL worth of Positive Points for fuel purchases of 400 TL or more at Petrol Ofisi, and benefit from the Create your own campaign (Kendi Kampanyanı Yarat) twice a month.

You can become a member of Money Gold on our website.

You can track your Money Gold earnings from the “My Profile/My Money Gold Earnings” section on our website.

You can cancel your membership via our Whatsapp line 0530 300 13 00.
If the payment of the billing period of the Money Gold membership is received, the subscription will continue until the end of the billing period and your membership will not be renewed in the next period. If the payment for the relevant period is not received, your membership will be canceled immediately.

Moneynet is a program where you can convert your Money into daily, weekly and monthly mobile internet packages.

With Moneynet, you can make transactions from the “Moneynet” section of the “My Other Earnings / Diğer Kazançlarım” screen on the home page of the Migros Money mobile application and the “Profile” menu in order to convert your Money into an internet package. In order for the selected internet package to be defined to your line, Money (space) the code sent to you at the end of the transaction must be sent to 3172 as an SMS. Detailed information and terms of use are available in the Migros Money mobile application.

"Gördüğünüze İnanın" Campaign is valid for every 100 TL of shopping made with Money Card. One of the products in the campaign can be purchased at a discount for every 100 TL purchase. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, operator, TL product loading sales, Sinemia Card package, electrical and electronic products, garden-home-beach-office furniture, exercise equipment, jewelery products, opportunity packages, customer bags Ramadan parcels, Qurban orders, New Year Basket , National Lottery Tickets, ESK products and bulk purchases for resale are not included. For payments made using Money, the amount of Money is not included in the campaign expense quota. "Gördüğünüze İnanın" Campaign cannot be combined with any other campaign.

No registration is required to take part in the Gör-İnan campaign.

You can see Gör-inan campaign opportunities through our Migroskop magazine, our stores and our website.

Within the store stocks, you get the right to buy 1 gör-inan product for every 100 TL purchase.

You can get details of all our current campaigns via our Money website or Migros Mobile App.

You can participate in campaigns from all Migros store registers, or through the Migros Mobile App.

You can participate in campaigns from all Migros store registers, or through the Migros Mobile App.

You can find out how many times you can benefit from campaigns from all Migros store visuals, Migroskop, and through the Migros Mobile app.

You can find out how many times you can benefit from campaigns from all Migros store visuals, Migroskop, and through the Migros Mobile app.

Money earned will be loaded into your Money Card within 2 business days.

With 1 Money = 1 TL, you can also use it as your Istanbulkart balance for your shopping at all Migros stores and Sanal Market.

Money is deleted twice during the year, on June 30 and December 31. The expiration date of Money is specified in the legal text of each campaign.

"Tam Bana Göre" Campaign is a personalized campaign offered to all customers with a registered Money card based on their past shopping habits. Money is given to your purchases in the amount specified in the categories included in the campaign offer.

You can participate in the campaign through Migros Mobile Application, or our cashiers.

After making use of your first offer on the cash receipt, your new special offer will appear on the cash receipt. Also, do not forget that there are 2 more special offers for Migros Mobile Application. You can benefit from all these offers only once.

You can see the validity date of your special"Tam Bana Göre" campaign on your cash receipt or Migros Mobile Application.

You can see the validity date of your special "Tam Bana Göre" campaign on your cash receipt or Migros Mobile Application.

The results of the draw will be announced to you by SMS and then published on our site.

You can check whether you have the right to participate in the draw by checking whether you have met the amount in the legal text.

You may need to make a certain payment as there may be variables such as VAT and SCT depending on the product and product amounts to be awarded as a result of the lottery.

You can view current Brand Opportunities campaigns through Migroskop or our website.

The inclusion of the products is specified in legal texts. You can see current Brand Opportunities campaigns at Migroskop or

Brand Opportunities terms and constraints vary for each campaign. You can view current Brand Opportunities campaigns through Migroskop or our website..

You can access the terms of the campaign on website

You can access the terms of the campaign on website.

You can access the terms of the campaign on website.

The money earned can be used at Migros, Macrocenter, 5M Migros, Migrosjet stores and Migros Virtual Market as 1 Money = 1 TL or 1 Money = 1 TL for fuel purchase at Petrol Ofisi, 10 TL and its multiples.

You can access the terms of the campaign on our website.

Please contact the Petrol Ofisi Call Center.

Please contact the Petrol Ofisi Call Center.

It is a closed-circuit platform created by Migros for women.

You can register to İGE in the web address

Please forward your notice via the contact form.

Please forward your notice via the contact form.

Please forward your notice via the contact form.

The money conversion process has been removed, it will not come back. Thank you for your understanding.

KoçAilem is a platform of special privileges for Koç people, which aims to make Koç people feel special in all aspects of their lives. You can be a member of koçailem, by filling out the membership application on or by calling the KoçAilem Call Center on 444 0 447.

Details of the Koçailem Migros campaign can be found on the Koçailem website

Members of Koçailem earn 3% discount on purchases up to 3.200 TRY per month that they spend on Migros, Macrocenter and Sanal Market. The expenditure amount does not include alcohol, cigarettes, electrical and electronic products, top-up and TL loading products. To take advantage of the discount, you must be a Money member and must match your Koçailem membership via the Migros registration redirect on the home page of

Koçailem discount is made in addition to all discounts.

Sağlıklı Yaşam Yolculuğu Projesi was launched to support you to make your shopping choices with a healthier lifestyle.

  • By logging into the Migros Mobile Application, you can compare the reference table and the graph we have created for you on the Sağlıklı Yaşam Yolculuğu Projesi page, and see which food group you have neglected in your shopping.
  • You can complete your missing nutrients in your next shopping and take a step towards a more balanced diet.
  • With our Sağlıklı Yaşam Önerileri, which you can follow on the homepage, you can buy products selected for you from the food group you neglect to consume at discounted prices.
  • You can set reminders for drinking water and brushing teeth on the Sağlıklı Yaşam Yolculuğu Projesi page. Thus, we can remind you to drink water or brush your teeth by sending a reminder to your phone at times you specify.
  • You can follow our tips on oral and dental health, adequate water consumption, physical activity and sun protection on the Sağlıklı Yaşam Yolculuğu Projesi page.
  • You can purchase your oral and dental health products, which are included in our Sağlıklı Yaşam Önerileri, at discounted prices.

Participation is not required in wellness campaigns.

You can see your campaigns through the Migros Mobile App.

There are no limits in registering to healthy lifestyle campaigns.

You can see your campaigns through the Migros Mobile App.

You can see your wellness chart via the Migros Mobile App.

You can use all visa, master and Amex cards in our stores.

For your purchases of 20 TL or more, you can take advantage of 3 installments with no interest, with Akbank Axcess, Halkbank Paraf, Ziraat Combo card, Garanti Bonus, İşbankası Maximum, and 4 installments with Yapı Kredi World, except for goods and services that are limited in installments with legal regulations. You can benefit from 4 to 12 installments with Yapı Kredi World, 3 or 6 installments with Garanti Bonus and İşbankası Maximum for purchases of electronic goods, excluding mobile phones. Installments cannot be applied for the purchases of food, nourishment, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, office supplies, gift cards, gift vouchers and similar products that do not contain any tangible goods or services.

Yes, you can pay with foreign debit card in our stores. Payment can not be made with foreign debit cards for e-commerce purchases.

Payment with Sodexo/setcard/ticket/multinet is not available in our stores.

According to the rules of the interbank Card Center (BKM), identification must be requested and a signature must be obtained in transactions without a password.

Refund transactions on cards belonging to contracted banks take place within 7 days. For other banks, this period may vary depending on the relevant bank processes.

Please fill in the contact us form with the transaction amount, date, time and store information where the transaction occurred. Our store's account transaction will be checked and you will be informed. If the store cannot see a duplicate transaction, you must apply to your bank with a request for an objection to spending, as the transaction may have been suspended in your bank.

You can access your invoice by entering the tax identification number / TC identification number and reference number on the e-archive information receipt via the link. Your invoice is created within 7 business days from your shopping date.

When you log in to the 'Sanal Market' membership in individual invoices, you can download the e-Archive invoice of all your orders for the last 1 year from the My Orders section. Company invoices and e-invoices are sent by the system only to the defined company mail at the tax office where the company is registered. Company invoices can not be deducted from membership. The system automatically sends your invoice to the company Mail.

You can register your invoice address from our nearest store.

Please fill out the contact us form with the store name, invoice date, invoice amount, and order number for e-commerce grocery shopping. Necessary controls will be made and you will be informed as soon as possible.

Your invoice is stored electronically for the following 5 full years in the Tax Procedure Law.

You can pay electricity, water, natural gas and telecommunications bills from our store registers. There may be changes in services in accordance with agency agreements on a provincial/district basis.

Please show your invoice or subscriber number to our cashier at the store registers.

After the invoice payment, a transaction service fee of 2 TL is charged. Separate payment and separate service fees are charged for every invoice.

Bill payments can only be made in cash.

Hediyem Card' is a card which makes it easier to send gifts to your loved ones and leaves the gift preference to the user.

You can use your gift card at all Migros, MigrosJet, and 5m Migros stores.

You can learn your card balance from the web site

You can deposit money to your hediyem cards with regular cards. You can receive your post-installation collection receipt, or if you want, you can leave your billing information to the authorities and request it to be forwarded later.

You can purchase Hediyem Card in our stores

Hediyem Card is a virtual card that makes it easy to send gifts to your loved ones and leaves the gift preference to the user.

Individual Membership : You can choose an individual membership from the homepage, add your Money Club Card number to the mandatory information such as your name, surname, e-mail, and mobile phone number to enter your membership for free.

Corporate Membership : You can choose corporate membership from the Homepage, and sign in for free by filling in the mandatory fields in your company billing information and contact information.

Individual Membership Delivery : You can choose one of the specially designed e-gift cards belonging to different themes and load the amount you want between 5 TL - 500 TL to your card that you personalize with your own words and send it to the mobile phone of the person you love. (Currently, purchases cannot be made from this closed area)

Send with Corporate Membership: : You can easily send to your employees / customers by choosing one of the specially designed e-gift cards of different themes and filling out the order form that you can download from the site. Although there is no upper limit on the total shipping amount, you can set an amount between 5 TL - 500 TL per card. The e-gift card you send is sent to the recipient's mobile phone as an SMS and the sending information can be tracked from your membership account and by e-mail sent to you. The SMS sent includes the e-gift card number and a link to access the gifted card. The person receiving the gift can view the e-gift card and read your private message via this link. The person to whom you send a gift can only shop at Migros stores by using the e-gift card. Information about the remaining amount after shopping will be sent to the mobile phone of the person again via SMS. The buyer can also query his remaining balance with the password and his own mobile phone on the site.

You can find out your balance on with your card number and mobile phone number sent to your phone via SMS.

The e-Hediyem card that you send is sent as an SMS to the recipient's mobile phone, and the sending information can be tracked from your membership account and via an e-mail that will be sent to you. In the SMS sent, there is an e-Hediyem card number and a link that will allow you to access the gift card. The recipient of the gift can view the e-Hediyem card through this link and read the private message you sent to him. you can create a membership and order through the site.

You can use the balance in your card as much as you want whenever you want.

You can load the amount you want between 5-500 TL to Hediyem card and e-Hediyem card.

You can use Hediyem card at all Migros, Migros Jet and 5M Migros stores.

The balance in your Hediyem card is valid for 2 years from the date you last used the card. Cards that are not used within 2 years will be canceled.

No cash refund can be made against the Hediyem card balance.

There is no cash refund when the balance is loaded on Hediyem Kart, products bought with Hediyem Kart can be replaced, but cash cannot be refunded.

When you log in to and click on the Forgot My Password (Şifremi Unuttum) link, your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

You can change your password whenever you wish from the "Bana Özel" tab on

You can buy any amount of Hediyem card and give it to anyone you wish.

Hediyem card SMS sending service is completely free.

When your Hediyem card expires, the balance in it is deleted. It is not possible to activate this balance again.

It is a prepaid card. You can spend as much as the balance you have loaded into it. You can make transactions in places where credit card / debit card is used.

You can get the İninal card from our stores.

You can make the installments from our store registers. You can only make installments using cash, a 2 TL transaction service fee is charged.

İninal card is valid wherever the debit card is valid.

An amount of up to 300 TL can be loaded to the İninal card at the first time. The card must be personalized / added to the account from or the ininal wallet application for downloads after the first loading. Second loading cannot be made to cards that are not personalized / added to the account.

The spending limit of personalized / added İninal cards for 1 month is 750 TL. On the 1st of each month, this limit becomes 750 TL again.

It is sufficient to be 12 years old to own and use the ininal card.

No, it is not necessary. You can own Ininal Card without signing any contract or form and opening an account at the bank. You can use it by loading money to the İninal card, which you can buy from our stores for 5 TL.

Information on the products in our sales can be found on our website.

Your suggestions would make us very happy. Please fill in the Contact Us form by specifying the product and brand information you want to see in our stores.

Migros is the first food retailer to hold seven Quality Management System Certificates certified by TSE. These documents; TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System, TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, TS EN ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System. You can view our documents through the link.

Migros has confirmed by obtaining Halal Certificates that it carries out its processes in accordance with the halal standard in meat processing facilities and Taze Direkt products. Halal certificate was obtained as a result of inspections by TSE. Our company has MIGET Fresh Meat Halal Certificate, Gebze Meat DM Halal Certificate, Taze Direkt Halal Certificate.

A socially livable environment, economically profitable and sustainable agricultural production model that is environmentally friendly, does not harm human and animal health, aims to protect natural resources, ensures traceability and food safety, is called "Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)". The current certificates of the Agricultural Applied products are checked and, if appropriate, goods are accepted.

You can find out whether a product has GAP or not from the information on the product labels. Label information of Good Agricultural Practices certified products is different from other product labels. The Good Agricultural Practices logo, the letter of compliance with the relevant regulation, the certificate issuing control and certification organization information and the certificate number are mandatory on the labels within the scope of the legislation.

Similar to packaged products, dual HKS labels are used for fresh fruit and vegetable products. The phrase "Good Agriculture" on the HKS labels indicates that the product has the Good Agricultural Practices certificate.

Fresh fruit and vegetable varieties, fresh chicken, turkey, eggs and raw dairy products are offered for sale in our stores with the Good Agricultural Practices certificate.

During the Good Agricultural Practices certification process, all relevant analyzes are carried out and the samples taken randomly by the representatives of the Control and Certification Bodies, which conduct independent audits, are sent to accredited laboratories and the suitability of the relevant residue analyzes is questioned. The product of any producer that does not yield a suitable analysis result cannot obtain a Good Agricultural Practices certificate.

Organic agriculture is a form of agricultural production that is controlled and certified at every stage from production to consumption, without using chemical inputs in production. Companies producing organic products are controlled by organizations authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, and suitable products are certified. In accordance with our process of receiving goods, organic product certificates of products are checked in each acceptance of goods, non-certified/non-communicated goods are not accepted.

The products sold in the vegetable and fruit aisles in our stores are offered with the HKS (Market Registration System) label. Creating an up-to-date database on vegetable and fruit trade with the Market Register System, tracking the fruit and vegetable trade electronically, registering members of the profession, ensuring common information sharing and communication between wholesale markets, preventing informality in the sector, ensuring accountability and transparency, It is aimed that the public sector can make healthier evaluations and establish regulations for the trade of vegetables and fruits, and consumers can access information such as where and by whom the product they consume is produced, thanks to product tags.

The expiry date according to the Turkish Food Codex Labeling Regulation; It indicates the last date of consumption of foods that are easily perishable microbiologically and which are likely to pose a danger to human health in a short time. According to the Turkish Food Codex Label Regulation, the expiry date is not required for all food products. It is sufficient to have at least one of the expiry date or recommended expiry date information.

Cold chain refers to all processes such as cold storage, cold transportation and similar processes that must be applied in order to preserve their characteristics at every stage from the production of perishable foodstuffs to consumption. Packaged and open fresh food products that are supplied directly from the supplier in our sales and reach our stores from our distribution centers, are controlled at every stage of the cold chain.

We offer our safe, fresh meat and meat products to our customers with the brands "MİGROS" and "UZMAN KASAP". Our production facility in Izmir has been established and operated in accordance with legal regulations and food safety standards in the world. Our products are deboned daily according to our store demands and are prepared and packaged in our automatic lines without human touch.

The processes through which the meat passes and the conditions of its cultivation are recorded in all details thanks to the "traceability system established within the scope of Food Safety". The products we produce meet all legal requirements and are under the guarantee of Migros. The red meat group products we offer for sale in our shelves are slaughtered with 100% veterinarian control in accordance with the legal regulations in enterprises that have the approval certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The animals come to our Fresh Meat production facilities with the approval number from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock with the approval of the Official Veterinarian with the information on the ear tag number and passport (age, breed, type, etc.) of the animals from the slaughter points; Raw material is accepted with 100% veterinary control. Our red meat group products are shipped from our facilities to our stores with the approval of the official veterinarian.

With rising temperatures, the tomato can enter a very rapid ripening (flushing) phase. Due to the delay in the harvest, the seeds in the tomato germinate with the formation of suitable conditions. Also; The germination of seeds in tomatoes also indicates that the Plant Growth Regulator (Hormone) is not used. The academic comment of Akdeniz University on this subject is as follows:

"Fruits and vegetables are living organisms after harvest and continue to respiration. However, if the heat and light environment required for the synthesis process cannot be provided, synthesis will not take place and growth regulators will not be formed. The fruit texture turns into an environment that allows the seed to germinate.In this way, the seed can germinate in its own fruit, just like tomato seeds."

Our products in our shelves are periodically sent to the accredited external institution analysis laboratories where we work for pesticide residue and plant growth regulator (hormone in colloquial language) analysis. Analysis frequencies are determined according to product risks and harvest periods. As Migros Ticaret A.Ş, the analysis results are analyzed in accordance with the European Union legislation together with the Turkish Food Codex. Fruits and social responsibility as an institution committed to the Good Agricultural Practice vegetables, Migros his work in this field in Turkey leads to an increase of GAP and GAP certified manufacturer certified product quantities.

Cultivated mushroom cultivation, unlike other fruit and vegetable products, is produced under certain standards and controlled conditions by obtaining permission from official authorities. (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Food Registration Certificate, Chamber of Commerce Zone of Activity, ISO 22000 Food Safety Certificate etc.)

Since the cultivated mushrooms, which are separated from the species that grow in nature, do not contain toxic substances, it is not possible to see a poisoning. Washing process should be done before consumption. In addition, like all our products, cultivated mushrooms also pass through the necessary controls and analyzes (pesticide residue, plant growth regulator (-hormone)) in line with food safety - quality systems before entering our aisles.

All of the White Sugars in our country are produced from 100% sugar beets, and there is no sugar production from sugar cane in our country. Therefore, all Migros branded candies are produced from sugar beet.

In accordance with the Turkish Food Codex Labeling Regulation, it is forbidden to use expressions that will provide superiority over equivalent products in the label information of the products. Based on this article, the expression "Made from 100% Sugar Beet" is not written on the Migros branded candies.

Some fruit and vegetable products can be stored in cold storage for a certain period of time before being offered for consumption after they are harvested. These products, which are notified to the state registration system on the date of purchase to the first cold storage after harvest, are systematically recorded. In the delivery of these products from cold storage storages to the stores, the distribution tags are taken from the first tag and the store exits are made.

In this case, the Production / Import Date information on the label on the aisle may be older than the date of shipment of the product to the store. These products; Citrus, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Pumpkin Halvah, Apple, Pear, Quince, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Grape and Imported Products.

This occurs because cocoa butter melts and freezes again on the surface as a result of temperature change. It is not harmful to human health.

Some fruit and vegetable products can be stored in cold storage for a certain period of time before being offered for consumption after they are harvested. These products, which are notified to the market registration system on the date of purchase to the first cold storage after harvest, are systematically recorded. In the delivery of these products from cold storages to the stores, the distribution tags are taken from the first tag and the store exits are made. In this case, the Production / Import Date information on the label on the aisle may be older than the date of shipment of the product to the store. These products; Citrus, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Pumpkin Halvah, Apple, Pear, Quince, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Grape and they are all imported products

Natural olive oil: It is obtained from olive tree fruit by applying mechanical or physical processes such as washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration processes in a thermal environment that will not cause any change in its natural qualities; These are oils that have the physical, chemical and sensory properties of the products in their category. Riviera Olive Oil: It is the oil consisting of a mixture of refined olive oil and natural olive oils suitable for direct consumption. Within the scope of the Turkish Food Codex Olive Oil and Olive Oil Communiqué, Riviera olive oil is an oil consisting of a mixture of refined olive oil and natural olive oils suitable for direct consumption. For this reason, Riviera olive oil has less aroma and flavor than natural extra virgin olive oil.

The mass of the product is obtained by multiplying the density (density) and volume. The density of water is less than 1, and the density of oils is less than 1. For this reason, while 5 L of water will weigh 5 kg, when a 5 L oil is weighed, 5 kg will not come. For example, the density of sunflower oil at room temperature is approximately 0.92 g / cm³. Thus, a 5 liter sunflower oil will have a weight of approximately 4.6 kilograms due to its density of 0.92 g / cm³.

It is recommended to store rice and legumes in a cloth bag at home. It is not recommended to be stored in glass jars. It should be stored in an airy, moisture-free, away from sunlight and dark environment. Since these products can easily absorb odors, they should not be stored in cabinets with detergents or other chemical products.

Crystallization is a natural process in honey preservation and most honey tends to crystallize under normal storage conditions. It can crystallize within a few months, especially in winter and when stored in the cold. Crystallization does not cause any change in the chemical structure of honey. It is a purely physical event. Observing the crystals is not a problem preventing the consumption of honey and is not harmful in terms of health. Honey can also be consumed in its crystallized state, or crystals can be dissolved and consumed in this way with a double boiler heating process (heating the honey in a bowl filled with hot water so that it does not come into contact with water). Crystallization in honey is not an indication of a trick made to honey.

Within the limits specified in the Regulation on Net Quantity Determination on the Basis of Weight and Volume of Prepackaged Products, tolerance is provided for excess or missing weights in the products. Indicating the net amount information with “e” tolerance on the product label indicates that there may be excess or missing weight in the product within the limits within the scope of the relevant regulation.

Oil separation may occur in oil-containing products. This is not harmful to human health. It is recommended to consume the products after mixing them.

If the shelf life of cosmetic products is longer than 30 months, it is not mandatory to give an expiration date on the label. Especially many hair dyes, shampoo use times are longer than 30 months. In this case, numbers are included in the lid open jar symbol on the packaging of the product.These numbers refer to the duration of use of the product after opening. For example, if 12M is written inside the jar symbol, it means that this product can be safely consumed within 12 months of opening.

Cosmetic products with a small surface area have a booklet symbol , which indicates that the booklet with detailed information about the product is stored where the product is offered for sale.

For products covered by the cosmetic regulation, the hourglass symbol indicates the minimum endurance time before opening the product. Besides the hourglass symbol, the expiration date of the product is also indicated.

If the product information cannot fit on the back surface in the products evaluated under the cosmetic regulation, a double adhesive label is used for some products, some of the information continues to be given at the bottom of the relevant label. In this case, there is an arrow symbol on the products indicating that the label will be removed towards the back.

As of January 2019, phosphorus content in tablet detergents has been restricted with the renewed rescript. Our Migros branded tablet detergent was not or is not a product with phosphorus content.

PL detergent, PL cosmetics and PL Paper Group products offered for sale in our departments are not tested on animals.

Food irradiation is the process of irradiating foods in sufficient doses in accordance with the technological purpose by using gamma rays and is used for the sterilization of foods. It is used especially to destroy harmful microorganisms in foods, to prevent the formation of insect parasites that damage foods, to extend the shelf life.

It is not a new method and has been used since 1905. There is a consensus by international organizations WHO, FDA, FAO, and KodexAlimentairus that it is safe in terms of health, and there is a decision that it will not pose a harmful and toxicological danger in terms of consuming certain doses of irradiated food.

In our country, the Food Irradiation Regulation was first published by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 1999, and this application has legally defined rules.

In order for this process to be carried out, especially the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency conformity approval is required.

It should be done under the conditions specified in the regulation and it is obligatory to print the expression and symbol (logo) of irradiation done on the label

MKolay allows the customer to shop with his/her own smart phone in the store; it is an innovative, fast and easy experience that affects shopping habits.

The MKolay application is a technological experience that allows customers to shop at physical stores using their smartphones. After entering your Money card information in the Migros Money application, you can start your shopping in the MKolay tab. At this stage, you can introduce the store you are in to the application with location services or using the store QR code. With the MKolay application, you can scan the product barcodes from your phone, track the total amount of shopping without going to the registers and see discounts instantly. In addition, you can complete your shopping with minimal contact by making your payments from jet cash registers without waiting in line at regular registers.

The Mkolay application is offered to our customers in 122 stores in 28 provinces. You can see our easy-to-find store list by clicking the link.

MKolay allows you to follow the products you bought during your shopping, the total amount of your shopping and the discounts. Thanks to the QR code technology used in the payment step, you can complete your shopping at the jet cash registers in a short time, regardless of the basket size. You can enjoy safe shopping thanks to Mkolay, which minimizes contact, especially during the pandemic.

Another benefit offered by MKolay is the campaign impressions; During your shopping, you can be informed about current campaigns and get information about opportunities such as the "Gör İnan" campaign without going to the cash registers.

You can perform all money transfer and receiving transactions up to 2000 TL from all Migros, 5M, Mjet and POjet stores located in 81 provinces. You can perform your transactions of 2000 TL and above at designated Migros stores.

You can send money from our registers with your Republic of Turkey official identity card containing your photo and your ID, phone number, and the reciever's GSM number to Migros stores located within the Republic of Turkey or our business partner Gönderal's representatives. You can also send to IBAN using your official identity card with photo, your phone number, the reciever's name and surname, GSM number, and IBAN number. link

You can purchase all amounts less than TL 2,000 from any Migros store in 81 provinces with the official identification document containing a photographic Turkish Identity Number and the transaction reference number to be sent to you by the sender. Purchases of more than TL 2,000 can be made from selected stores.

Each such that contains the photograph and the Republic of Turkey Identity Number: Identity Card (old), birth certificate (new) Driver's License (Old) Driver's License (New), Passport, Residence Document.

You can make both your shipping and purchases at any time our stores are open. You need to pay attention to the EFT hours of the banks only when sending to IBAN. The transfer to IBAN made after 16:00 will be reflected in the recipient's account the next day.

You can make your money transfer transactions only with Turkish Lira.

The amount you will send or the amount you will receive is collected / delivered by you only in cash, as per the legislation. It is not possible to send or receive money by credit card, Money or other payment methods.

You can transfer money at Migros cash registers without the need for any account or bank.

Since money transfer cannot be made from bank accounts to Migros stores, you cannot make purchases either.

You can perform your shipping and purchasing transactions from certain Migros stores up to 7,000 TL.

After the money transfer transaction is completed, the recipient can immediately receive the amount with the reference number included in the SMS sent to your mobile phone and the recipient. You can also receive money from the moment you receive an SMS notification that money has been sent to you.

Referans numarasını kontrol ediniz ve alıcıya doğru referans kodu gönderdiğinize emin olunuz. Alıcının doğru alım noktasında olduğundan emin olduktan sonra sorun çözülmezse transfer işlemi gerçekleştirdiğiniz mağazaya giderek yetkiliye danışabilir ya da 0850 200 40 00 Migros Çağrı Merkezimizi arayabilirsiniz.

To see money transfer transaction service fees click to Para transferi işlem hizmet ücretlerini link

You can perform the return process by submitting the receipts delivered to you during the transfer from the store where you made the money transfer, after the transaction return request you will create through the Gönder&Al Call Center ( 0850 215 09 55 ) is approved.

The transaction service fee cannot be refunded.

Only customers aged 18 and over can perform the money transfer service.

Our customers who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey, can recieve a money transfer service by showing documents with their Foreign Identification Number.

After the transaction process, you can forward the reference number to the Gönderal call-center and cancel the transaction, then, if you wish, you can repeat the transaction process with the corrert GSM number.

The Kumbaram application transfers the amount of change less than 5 TL in your cash payments to the existing Kumbaram defined to your Money Club card, within the customer permission. It allows you to use the amount accumulated in my moneybox for all Migros purchases. Kumbaram speeds up your cash change transactions for cash purchases you make at Migros stores.

Kumbaram application has been defined for everyone who has a Money Club card and has communication permission.

In order to use the Kumbaram application, it is sufficient to have a Money Club card and give communication permission. Kumbaram is used for cash payments in your purchases. Kumbaram application is only available from Migros Ticaret A.Ş. used in stores.

Kumbaram, for your cash-paid purchases at Migros stores; In cases where you need to buy change, you can transfer the amount of your change less than 5 TL between 0.1 and 4.99 TL to your Money Club defined in the Money Club card. You can use the amount accumulated in your bank for shopping payments you make at all Migros Ticaret A.Ş. stores.

It can be performed in cash payment transactions. In addition, if a certain part of the payment is to be paid by credit card and the remaining part is desired to be paid in cash, Kumbaram app can be used.

Maximum 4.99 TL change can be loaded into Kumbaram at a time.

No, the amount accumulated in Kumbaram does not have a specific expiry time; is indefinite.

Yes, you can get the refund in cash.

You can request assistance in solving the problem by calling our Customer Service Line at 0850 200 40 00 or using our other communication channels.

Yes, you can both use your Kumbaram balance and pay cash in your purchases.

No, it will be active later.

Yes, when you spend your purchases from Kumbaram, your mobile phone receives information via SMS; expenses are made with the confirmation code in the SMS.

You can see information such as the amount transferred, the total amount of Kumbaram, the remaining amount of change on the receipt. You will be notified via sms for Kumbaram spending. You can see it from the Other Achievements section of the Migros Mobile application.

No, even if more than one Money Club card is assigned to the same mobile phone number, the Kumbaram balance of each Money Club card is separate. Therefore, Kumbaram balance is used separately for each card.

You can purchase Digital Game Codes from the cash registers of all Migros stores. link

Digital Game Codes that you can use in Steam, Zula, Gameforge and League of Legends games and platforms are sold in our stores.

You can purchase the Digital Game Code with cash or credit card from all our stores.

You can find the code you have purchased on the 2nd receipt that will be given to you by the cashier.

You can reach Migros Customer Services at 0850 200 40 00. You will need the information on your sales receipt to be able to do this.

In cases where the Digital Game Code does not work, you can reach the contact addresses on the 2. receipt (information receipt) via e-mail.

Steam Wallet Codes can be redeemed on the Steam platform or on the Steam website. Gameforge funds can be used on Gameforge and Metin2 games. Zula Gold is only valid in Zula game. League of Legends - RP is only valid in League of Legends Turkey servers.

Within the scope of the project carried out in cooperation with İNG Bank and Migros, you can have the opportunity to access consumer loans up to 500-20.000 TL in a fast and easy manner, by completing all processes from our stores outside of working hours, on weekends, public holidays and holidays. link

Write MIGROS, leave a space and write your TC Identity Number and send an SMS to 2229. (Example: MIGROS TCKN) After your application confirmation is sent to your mobile phone via SMS, verify your identity at the ING Service Point in Migros stores, let's share your credit documents digitally, complete your signature for a single document within the store. Use your credit: Your loan is ready!

You can pay your loan installments through ING Mobil, Internet Branch or our ATMs.

You can use your loan from 500 TL to 20.000 TL with maturity options up to 60 months. No loan allocation fee is required. Shopping must be made in the Migros store for the amount of credit to be used. Customers who make their Migros loan applications from the store can use their loans at Migros stores on weekdays and weekends between 10:00 - 22:00. Tablet purchases are limited to 6 months and computer purchases are limited to 12 months. Mobile phone purchases are limited to a maximum of 12 months for purchases up to 3.500 TL, and 6 months for purchases above 3.500 TL. All kinds of problems, objections and complaints can be forwarded to the customer service line at 0850 222 0 600.

You can access cost tables with and without campaigns via the link.

You can use your loan from 500 TL to 20.000 TL with maturity options up to 60 months. Tablet purchases are limited to 6 months and computer purchases are limited to 12 months. Mobile phone purchases are limited to a maximum of 12 months for purchases up to 3.500 TL, and 6 months for purchases above 3.500 TL.

Stores with gold sales are as follows.

971 5M ANTALYA Antalya
5545 5M BALIKESİR Balıkesir
3515 5M İNEGÖL BURSA Bursa
607 5M BEYLİKDÜZÜ İstanbul
3024 5M TORİUM İstanbul
4190 5M MALL OF İstanbul
3553 5M AKBATI İstanbul
1111 ORDU MMM MİGROS İstanbul
3577 5M FORUM KAYSERİ Kayseri

We sell quarter pure gold, 24 carat 1 gr pure gold, 24 carat 0.5 gr pure gold, Harem gold 24 carat 0,25 gr pure gold in our stores and on the virtual market. Our products are sold in sealed boxes and unbreakable packaging.

Gold product is non-refundable. If you request a refund without leaving the store, a refund can be made.

Yes, payment can be made by both cash and credit card (cash payments have a 4% discount on the credit card price)

The prices of the products are calculated according to the price of pure gold on a daily basis.

Moneypay is an electronic money company established as a Migros subsidiary. By using the Moneypay mobile application, you can benefit from Money discounts and advantages at Migros cash registers and jet safes, make contactless shopping payments by scanning the QR, and top up your Moneypay Digital Card.

If the mobile phone number you used while registering to the Moneypay application and your mobile number registered to the Money card are the same, you can benefit from the Money benefits.
In order to benefit from the advantages of Money, you need to start the transaction at the cash register or jet register with Moneypay.

You can top up balance to your Moneypay Digital Card in 2 ways. You can load a maximum of 750 TL into your Moneypay balance within 1 month.If you sign the slip created during shopping and loading and upload it to the application, a maximum of 10 thousand TL can be loaded into the Moneypay balance within 1 month.

You can top up your balance to Moneypay Digital Card from Migros cash registers. To do this, it is sufficient to say to the Migros cashier " I want to make an installment to MoneyPay " and follow the steps “İşlemler / Transactions ” > “Para Yükle / Load Money ” > “Migros’tan Yükle / Load from Migros” from the Moneypay application and tell the cashier the 8-digit " Para Yükleme Kodu / Money Load up code" when the cashier asks.
You can use cash and credit card options for installing money. A service fee of 2 TL is charged for cash top-ups and 4 TL for uploads made using a credit card.

You can install money with Credit/Debit card and EFT & Money Transfer methods using the Moneypay application. No transaction fee is charged for these transactions.

You can spend the balance loaded on Moneypay Digital Card at Migros Cash Registers and Migros JetRegisters. In addition, you can use it for all internet shopping, especially Sanal Market, thanks to the Moneypay Digital Card information that appears in the application.
In addition to payment transactions, you can transfer money to another Moneypay user with only their mobile number.

When you download the Moneypay application and complete the necessary authentication steps, a ready limit is defined for you within the application. In cases where your balance is not sufficient, you can make your purchases using this limit. After using the ready limit, you have to close your ready limit debt through Moneypay balance within 1 month. No interest is charged on debts closed within 1 month.
This limit may increase from day to day, thanks to the expenditures made using this limit and the timely repayments.

Only mobile phone number information is sufficient for money transfer between Moneypay users. No service fee is charged for these transactions. You can send money 24/7 and instantly.

If 3D secure transactions are supported with foreign credit cards, you can load and spend these uploaded amounts.

We believe that family, the smallest yet the most crucial constituent of society, has to be healthy and well-educated to ensure the productivity and strength of the community as a whole. Driven by this understanding, we have launched Family Clubs in collaboration with District Community Education Centers to aid with the skills development of women, men and children of all ages. Operating across a diverse geographical area, our Family Clubs offer free-of-charge vocational and skills training courses as well as socialization opportunities for people with similar interests. For details: link

Our stores with Family Club are as follows.

Family Club Store Name Address
5M MİGROS SAYA AVM MERSİN SAYA PARK AVM - 5M MİGROS Saya Park AVM/ 5M Migros Mersin Aile Kulübü -Akkent Mahallesi Huseyin Okan Merzeci Bulvarı No :759/101 Yenişehir MERSİN
3 M MİGROS SALİHLİ SALİHLİ LUNA AVM- 3M MİGROS Salihli Luna AVM /Aile Kulübü - Şehitler Mah. Park Cad. No: 63 SALİHLİ/MANİSA
5M MİGROS KİPA AVM DERİNCE DERİNCE KİPA AVM - 5M MİGROS Derince Kipa AVM / Aile Kulübü - Deniz Mahallesi Ergenekon Cd. No: 2 Derince - İZMİT
5 M MİGROS KİPA AVM YALOVA YALOVA VEGA AVM -5M MİGROS Yalova Vega AVM / Aile Kulübü - Kazım Karabekir Mahallesi Şehit Ömer Faydalı Cad. No : 233/1 YALOVA MERKEZ
5M MİGROS KİPA AVM ÇİĞLİ ÇİĞLİ KİPA AVM- 5M MİGROS Çiğli Kipa AVM/ Aile Kulübü -Yeni havalimanı Cad. No : 40 Çiğli İZMİR
5 M MİGROS KİPA AVM EDREMİT EDREMİT KİPA AVM- 5M MİGROS Edremit Kipa AVM / Aile Kulübü - Çanakkale Asfaltı Yolören Köyü No : 26 10300 EDREMİT
5M MİGROS BORNOVA FORUM FORUM BORNOVA AVM- 5M MİGROS Forum Bornova AVM/ Kipa Aile Kulübü- Kipa Kazım Dirik mah. 372 sok. No :36 Bornova İZMİR
5M MİGROS KİPA AVM KEŞAN KEŞAN KİPA AVM - 5M MİGROS Keşan Kipa AVM / Aile Kulübü - İspat Camii Mahallesi Akıncı Sokak Akıncı No: 1/B KEŞAN -EDİRNE
5 M MİGROS KİPA AVM BALIKESİR BALIKESİR KİPA AVM- 5M MİGROS Balıkesir Kipa AVM / Aile Kulübü -Paşaalanı Mahallesi Bandırma Cad. No: 126/ A Karesi BALIKESİR
5 M MİGROS KİPA AVM KUŞADASI KUŞADASI KİPA AVM- 5M MİGROS Kuşadası Kipa AVM / Aile Kulübü - Değirmendere Mah. Süleyman Demirel Blv. No: 223/1 KUŞADASI -AYDIN
5 M MİGROS KİPA AVM EDİRNE EDİRNE KİPA AVM- 5M MİGROS Edirne Kipa AVM /Aile Kulübü -Merkez istasyon Mah. Talatpaşa Cad. No: 22 MERKEZ/EDİRNE
5 M MİGROS İNEGÖL İNEGÖL AVM - 5M MİGROS İnegöl AVM/Migros Aile Kulübü - Osmaniye Mh. Altay Cd. No:27 D Blok Z 048 İNEGÖL/BURSA
5M MİGROS ESKİŞEHİR ESPARK AVM- 3M MİGROS Eskişehir Espark Migros AVM /Aile Kulübü -Eski Bağlar Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:21 ESKİŞEHİR
2M MİGROS PRİME MALL AVM GAZİANTEP PRİMEMALL AVM- 2M MİGROS Gaziantep Primemall AVM/2M MigrosAile Kulübü-Orhangazi mah. P.dr.n.erbakan cad.avm st.primemall ŞEHİTKAMİL/GAZİANTEP
3M MİGROS KADİR HAS CENTER İSTANBUL KADİR HAS AVM- 3M MİGROS Kadir Has AVM /Aile Kulübü - Bahçelievler Mah. Mehmetçik sok. No: 1 Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL
5M MİGROS SÜMERPARK AVM DENİZLİ SÜMERPARK AVM- 5M MİGROS Sümer Mah. Çal Cad. No:1/133 5M Migros Sümerpark Alış Veriş Merkezi Merkezefendi / DENİZLİ
2M MİGROS ANKARA DİKMEN DİKMEN CADDE MM MİGROS Osman Temiz Mah., Aşağı Dikmen -Dikmen Cad. , No:313/ A, DİKMEN, ANKARA
2M MİGROS GALLERİA AVM ADANA ADANA GALERİA AVM - 2M MİGROS Cemalpaşa Mah. Fuzuli Cad. No : 140 /434 Galeria Seyhan / ADANA
3M MİGROS ATLANTİS AVM ANKARA ATLANTİS AVM- 5M MİGROS Atlantis AVM/Aile Kulübü Kardelen mah. Başkent Blv. H blok NO:224H/10 Yenimahalle ANKARA
5M MİGROS MANİSA MANİSA 5M MİGROS Manisa 5M/Aile Kulübü Laleli Mh.5210 Yunusemre/MANİSA
5M MİGROS ARENAPARK AVM İSTANBUL - HALKALI ARENAPARK AVM - 5M MİGROS Arenapark AVM /Atakent Mah., Çiçekli Vadi Cad., No:1, Küçükçekmece, İSTANBUL
5M MİGROS KİPA AVM ANTALYA ANTALYA KİPA AVM - 5M MİGROS Fabrikalar Mah., Şehit Barış Akkabak Cad., No:3, Kepez, ANTALYA
ADANA 01 BURDA AVM 01 ADANA BURDA AVM -3M MİGROS Ahmet Remzi Yüreğir Mah., 59011. Sok. Seyhan ,ADANA
GAZİEMİR KİPA AVM GAZİEMİR KİPA AVM - 5M MİGROS Dokuz Eylül Mah., 697 Sok., No:2, Gaziemir/ İZMİR
ORDU ORDU 2M ORDU MİGROS AVM MM MİGROS Bahçelievler Mah. Atatürk Bulv. No: 253, Saraycık, Altınordu, Ordu

In Family Clubs, pastry and cooking; hand embroidery, tile, ceramic painting, painting and leather design; From language courses such as English, German, Spanish; from development areas such as diction, announcement, photography are given in 33 different fields in a wide range. You can fill in the contact form to learn the current course information.

For registration, you can visit our stores with Family Club or fill the contact form below.

In the Migros Mobile application, we created a special section under “WellBeing Journey Program”. Here, the nutrient distributions of our customers’ 3-month food purchases and the ideal daily food consumption table are created side by side with an intelligent algorithm. Based on global parameters and data from the Ministry of Health, our customers can compare their consumption with ideal consumption and see at a glance which food group they neglect for a balanced diet. We offer tailor-made offers at a discount in order to cover the difference in balanced nutrition and encourage a wellbeing journey. The system updates the distribution chart of our customers after each purchase and provide a new wellbeing offer every two weeks. For details: link

You can view the daily recommended distribution of basic food groups and the distribution of your own food purchases under the heading Wellbeing Journey on the Profile tab of the Migros Mobile application.

In order to feed the stray and forest animals, we have been carrying out the “Fresh Leftovers to Our Four-Legged Friends” project since 2014. Food products in our stores, that have an upcoming Expiry Date but which still remain convenient for consumption, are being donated for feeding the stray animals and forest animals through the agency of the HAYTAP (Turkish Animal Rights Federation). For details: link

The project consists of our stores donating food products, which are nearing their expiry date but are still consumable to feed forest, street and shelter animals through associations. You can contact via e-mail address to support the project.

We provide the individuals in need with the food products, which do not satisfy the sales standards in visual terms, but which remain nutritious and are convenient for consumption, through a web-based donation platform. Thanks to this new generation practice, we have materialized in 2017 in cooperation with Fazla Gıda (Whole Surplus) for the first time in Turkey, the food products that can be donated are matched with the requests of the individuals in need at the same platform. Thus, such donated food becomes utilized 100 percent since they are delivered to the right individuals at the right quantities. By means of the system, in which the fruits & vegetables and dry legume products are involved, the products can be delivered to the food banks and social markets on daily basis. By donating 1,424 tons in 2019, we provided support for delivering more than 4 million meals to the individuals in need as of the beginning of the project. We aim to popularize our project at our stores throughout the country.

With our responsible, efficient and sustainable consumption approach that we integrate into our processes, we carry out practices and studies aimed at reducing the amount of waste we produce, as well as the optimum use of natural resources. In a structure where circular economy and sustainability are integrated into our business model, starting with the principle of "Zero Waste", we consider our waste management under four main headings, : Reducing Our Food Demolishment Rates, Reducing Our Plastic Waste, Preventing Deforestation, and Our Waste Collection Activities.

You can leave waste oils / batteries / electronic products in the waste collection boxes in our stores, or you can give them to the Sanal Market employee during the delivery of your shopping through Migros Sanal Market. By delivering the waste oils / batteries / electronic products we collect to a licensed company authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner on your behalf.

You can apply for jobs through the Career tab on our website. At the same time, your applications made through career portals are directly transferred to our recruitment department. Thank you for your interest.

Our Head Office is in Istanbul-Ataşehir. We have Regional Offices in Central Anatolia (Ankara), Eastern Mediterranean / Southeast (Adana), Aegean (İzmir), Western Mediterranean (Antalya), Northeast Anatolia (Trabzon).

Working hours for administration staff is 08: 00 - 18:00 in weekdays and for store staff 09:00 - 22:00 everyday. (Working hours may vary in different occations).

For our Head Office staff, we have services to both European and Asian Side. Unfortunately, there is no service for store stuff.

For the summer term, the internship staff needed for that year is determined by negotiating with the Department Managers. CVs are accepted through internet, e-mail and personal applications until May. For the winter semester, applications are received from the second week of June until the end of August. If there is a need for an internship during the summer and winter periods, the applications in the CV pool are evaluated and suitable candidates are called for an interview. In addition, you can follow our Project Internship announcements, which were opened in various periods during the year, on our corporate website in line with the needs of the department.

65-70 university interns for the summer term and 40-45 high school interns for the winter term join us. Our project intern numbers vary according to the needs during the year, but an average of 15 project interns are hired.

Some of our project interns' scholarships can be discontinued because they work under insurance. For detailed information, we recommend that you consult your scholarship institution.

You can send all your questions

You can contact our Customer Care Service every day of the week for Migros and Macrocenter between 08:30 and 22:00; for Sanal Market, Migros Hemen and Macroonline between 08:30 - 00:00 via 0850 200 40 00.

You can contact our Customer Care Service every day of the week for Migros and Macrocenter between 08:30 and 22:00; for Sanal Market, Migros Hemen and Macroonline between 08:30 - 00:00 via 0850 200 40 00.

You can send us your complaints / wishes and suggestions through the Migros mobile application or our corporate website, through our whatsapp help center, via social media, by mail, or through our stores.

Whatsapp Help Center: 0530 300 13 00

Our corporate email address:

You can get information about your calls from our Whatsapp Help Center - 0530 300 13 00