Our “Sustainability” approach, which is the engine of our goal to create value for all our stakeholders, is at the center of our business model.

Our Milestones

Since 2016, we have been preparing our Sustainability Reports in accordance with GRI standards. We are the first retailer to be included in the BIST Sustainability Index for 7 consecutive years. We report to the CDP Climate Change and Water annually, we were among the Climate Leaders in 2016, 2017 and 2019; and among Water Leaders in 2020. In the Good Life Brands survey, we were selected the Good Life Brand for the second time in the retail sector.

Our Sustainability Committee

All primary functions of our company are represented at the Sustainability Committee, and thereby a discussion platform, whereby equal participation and right to speak is granted to all departments, is provided. Our Sustainability Committee Chairperson does not report to any department, and he is granted with a special authority for a supra-departmental position for the purpose of management of the activities of our company with respect to international relations and sustainability. All primary functions of our company are required to have at least one of their annual targets in the field of sustainability.