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Migros is the address of pleasant shopping, innovation and quality with its stores located in 81 provinces in 7 geographical regions. Migros offers the best quality products, the most variety and the most affordable prices to its customers within the framework of its friendly service approach.

2,288 Stores

81 Provinces

2,520,179 m²

As a pioneer of the retail sector in Turkey, Migros offers an enjoyable shopping experience, innovation and quality with stores in 81 of the country’s provinces and across 7 geographical regions. Migros provides customers the best quality products at the best affordable prices with the widest range of varieties, all offered with a smile as part of our cheerful service approach. By taking the standards of the developing retailing sector into account, Migros has adopted a philosophy of continual innovation as a principle. The company provides its customers with a different shopping experience through its practices, which set industry standards













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"Worth Celebrating"
Macrocenter is a distinguished supermarket chain with its exclusive product portfolio, high standard of customer service and special store design. Macrocenter, that also provides tastes specific to Anatolia along with the post popular food from Europe and the world and caters to its customers’ lifestyles and preferences, works with a passion which surpasses expectations in all of its customer services.

64 Stores

7 Stores

68,726 m²

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Migros was founded in 1997 as Turkey's first food retail e-commerce website Migros Virtual Market, as well as Macro Online, Macro Banquet, priority natural diet which increases the privileged service network to its customers every day Tazedirekt and product delivery in 30 minutes Migros Hemen offers different solutions to meet the needs of its customers through online channels and prepares itself for the retail of the future with its investments.

Migros Virtual Market provides online shopping with its service in 81 provinces and delivers products to the door of its customers.

Tazedirekt.com is a shopping website that starts a new era in food shopping and brings natural flavors from the farm to your home.

More than 2,000 products are offered to customers at Migros prices in Migros Hemen, an online grocery application that brings products to the door within 30 minutes.

Migros travels through Anatolia from village to village, town to town; It discovers special flavors in every region and finds the best masters who produce these flavors, revealing centuries-old recipes. These special flavors are produced in accordance with the original, using traditional methods. Migros and Macrocenter deliver it to its customers with the brand "Anadolu Lezzetleri", in special packaging, with quality and assurance. Thus, it contributes to the transfer of the special flavors and seeds of Anatolia to future generations without being lost.

There are thousands of product types specific to your business at Migros Wholesale. Thousands of products that meet all your needs in the usual Migros quality are at your service, with quality controls in every category followed by global standards.

Money Card was launched in 1998 under the name Migros Club. As of 2019, more than 12 million customers benefit from advantages such as discounts in Money shopping, earning money, campaigns and transportation.