Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We pave the way for a better future.

A Better Future for our Customers
We provide healthy and sustainable choices for a better future, creating a trustworthy customer experience by integrating new services and initiatives.

A Better Future for our Associates
We firmly believe that a better workplace and equal opportunities that support continuous improvement bring out the best in employees.

A Better Future for our Community
We support improvement and local development for a strong community and expand growth as we grow through strong collaborations with our stakeholders.

A Better Future for our Planet
We help to bring about a better future for the planet by providing sustainability of food and effective use of limited resources.

Our Vision

To be the most beloved and valuable new-generation retailer in Türkiye.

Our Mission

Providing a unique shopping experience through its ultimate service approach, pioneer applications, broad product portfolio, and family budget-friendly pricing strategy. Creating value for all stakeholders through its eco-friendly and community-focused operational approach.

Our Strategies and Values

Migros’ core strategies are;

  • Omni-channel growth
  • Integrated subsidiary management
  • Creating a unique shopping experience
  • Competitive and winning corporate culture
  • Sustainable ecosystem

The company values which have been formed by the participation of our employees and which bound everyone are as follows:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity
  • Leadership
  • Efficiency
  • Innovativeness