Our Works

Family Clubs

With our Family Clubs established in collaboration with District Public Education Centers, we aim to develop the skills of women, men and children of all ages. In addition to providing free vocational and skill development courses in Family Clubs, we also offer socialization opportunities for people with similar interests.

With their 167 thousand members consisting mainly women, our Family Clubs support women in taking a more active role in social life, investing in their personal development, acquiring a profession and becoming a more substantial role models for their children. There is an increasing number of women who participated in the courses of Family Clubs and started up their businesses with the knowledge and skills acquired and the certification they received, approved by the Ministry of Education. As an outcome of the support of Migros, 15,000 female members started to have an income to date following their training. In 2020, we opened Migros Family Club Instagram account to make up for the obligatory interruption to fact-to-face education and reached more than 1 million people with short educational videos. “As of today, 31 thousand women have completed our vocational courses, have been entitled to receive a vocational certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education and have been equipped to engage in trade, and 16 thousand of our trainees have started to earn income.

In our Family Clubs, we provide courses for children, such as painting, music and chess, as well as workshops on popular global areas like coding, sustainability and zero waste. We aim to develop their knowledge and imagination and ensure they can grow as conscious individuals.

As of the end of 2021, our Family Clubs in our Migros stores in 33 locations throughout Türkiye provided up to 128 vocational and personal development trainings such as cooking, oil painting, foreign language, photography, robotic coding, and bee breeding.

In addition, we conducted trainings throughout the year to raise awareness and change behavior in the field of healthy living and sustainability.

  • In Family Clubs, with healthy nutrition experts from the Provincial Health Directorate and Public Education Centers, information was shared on topics such as 'What is a healthy diet?', 'How can we maintain a healthy diet?', 'Popular diets: gluten-free, vegan and raw food diets', and breathing exercise workshops were held for healthy living.
  • 4,633 people received training to date in 230 courses under the topic of ‘Zero Waste Kitchen’ within the module of Kitchen Arts, one of our certified training programs.
  • In 14 Family Clubs, we provided waste-free dining tables courses and shared practical recipes of the Agricultural Products Office to avoid wastage of bread as well as recipes to make vinegar from pineapple, and jam from ripe fruits, in order to prevent food wastage.
  • With one-day courses, we shared recipes to prevent food waste and inform 136 organizations and 3,057 people.
  • We organized events in cooperation with private education institutions operating under the Ministry of National Education for raising awareness on barrier-free life and we gave sign language trainings in 12 different groups. In addition, 71 store employees in our Accessible Stores were provided sign language training.
  • Bee breeding, ecological literacy, and medical aromatic plant growing courses were held.
  • Trainings were held for purse, basket and accessory making by putting bags and recycling materials into good use. The training on making bags from old dated Migroskop magazines by an upcycling method reached 3,438 people.

Migros Women’s Academy

Migros Women's Academy, which became a school in the retail industry, was launched at the beginning of 2021 by uniting the forces of Migros Retail Academy and Migros Family Clubs. This educational platform aims to inspire women in numerous subjects and contribute to them acquiring new skills and developing themselves through the courses that raise their awareness and motivation to participate in life. It aims to support women in many areas such as personal development, hobby acquisition, vocational training, family relations and brand creation. We organized in-class trainings with Regional Women’s Cooperatives in Adana, Kocaeli, Samsun, Ankara and Eskişehir, with the support of the Ministry of Trade. 500 people participated in the in-class events. We create opportunities for new collaborations with the in-class events.

In addition, Migros Women's Academy is planned to ensure those women who start their businesses participate in working life and market their products. Currently, this platform is easily accessible through Migros TV with more than 300 educational videos led by more than 50 instructors and trainings under more than 70 titles, providing 4 new educational content monthly. These contents in Migros TV had 296,637 page views. Besides, we update this platform by adding courses and new contents regularly. We aim to reach 1 million women in 3 years through our Migros Women's Academy.

Wellbeing Journey Program

Our Wellbeing Journey program provides our customers with services including personal information, interactive suggestions and discounted product suggestions on balanced diet, regular and adequate water consumption, increasing daily physical activity and oral and dental health. In the “Wellbeing Journey” program of the Migros Money application, we compare the food shopping of our customers who are a Money card member with recommended consumption data and encourage positive behavioral change with messages about the food groups they need for balanced nutrition and discounted product recommendations. In order for our customers to have a more balanced diet in line with our healthy lifestyle recommendations, we provided our customers with personalized discounts of approximately TRY 1.3 million in 2021. In 2020, in collaboration with Anadolu Medical Center, we renewed our program for our customers who are on a vegan and vegetarian diet. We also share informative messages about the application through the videos prepared by expert dietitians.

In 2021, we added messages to our program about baby nutrition, baby care and denture care in collaboration with Aptamil, Johnson & Johnson and GSK (Corega) respectively. Since the beginning, this program has allowed us to reach more than 3.3 million customers in 2021. With KMPG Türkiye aiming to identify the permanent effect of the program, we achieved an improvement of 2.8 points in the Balanced Nutrition Index compared to the period before the project. This index is based on the calculation of the annual average distribution of the main food groups in the food shopping of our customers. Then the degree of deviation is found according to the recommended consumption ratios. In 2021, we included baby nutrition and care and denture care messages in the application.

Our Wellbeing Journey Program awarded 7 prizes in the international arena and was presented as an exemplary project at the world retail summits in Lisbon, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Warsaw and Monaco, and attracted great attention as being the first among next generation retail practices. We have ongoing efforts to adapt the project to the retail industry in Latin America and Japan.

Growing Healthy with Migros

We believe that children have a special place in our awareness efforts regarding community health, and we carry out efforts in this respect. We have been carrying out our “ Growing Healthy with Migros” project for 5 years, which is prized in many areas, to widespread and further strengthen the awareness in children about healthy and good living. In this context, we organized store tours for children and their families led by our volunteer store managers in 396 Migros stores in 70 provinces of Türkiye. We share much information with children and provide them healthy living and conscious shopping training on the benefits of fruits and vegetables, delivery of products to shelves and control processes, Good Agricultural Practices and the tips for label reading. Children are also told about the benefits of waste collection bins in stores and their contribution to a better future by recycling their waste. During the tours, the children are told about the importance of motion and balanced nutrition and presented “Migros Guidebook for Growing Healthy”, which was prepared with the support of Food Safety Association.

Within the scope of “Growing Healthy with Migros” project, we organized training and events for more than 176 thousand children up to now. In addition to the store tours, we ensured easy and quick access to the training by carrying the training into digital environment.

In 2021, our training was transformed into an animation film in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and broadcasted on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Our cartoon received a total of 206,313 views in 2021 via Migros TV and other social media channels. With the relaunch in 2022, this number exceeded 2 million.

Fresh Leftovers to Our Four-Legged Friends

We have been carrying out the “Fresh Leftovers to Our Four-Legged Friends” project since 2014. We donate food products that are still consumable but have close Expiry Dates to HAYTAP (Turkish Animal Rights Federation) to be fed to forest and stray animals. Within the scope of the project, we contributed to feeding of animals with a total of 4,423 tons of food aid up until today. In addition, we placed specially-designed animal food containers in front of our 227 stores so that stray animals living around the stores can be fed in a clean and healthy environment.

In our stores located in regions where street animals are abundant, we allocate food containers to our relevant stores in line with the demands. In addition, with the donations we made during the year from our warehouses, we contributed to feeding of farm animals with 255.8 tons of food.

We donate food for feeding of stray animals in collaboration with HAYTAP.

Accessible Migros

We started our Accessible Store project in 2017 in parallel with our objective of providing our disabled and elder customers with privileged services. In 2018, we incorporated Migros Sanal Market in the project and expanded it as “Accessible Migros”. We planned and made available the mobile application of Migros Sanal Market in a way to be fully compatible with the screen reader programs used by visually disabled individuals. In addition, we have 280 Migros and Macrocenter stores in 46 provinces that are compatible with “Accessible Store” concept. We also have works to make it easier for visually disabled users to do their supermarket shopping. In the collaboration with

BlindLook in 2021, we helped our visually disabled customers with audio instructions using an audio simulation technology developed for the mobile application and website of Migros Sanal Market.

Our accessible stores have:

  • Ramps and railings at the entrance,
  • Accompany during the shopping upon request,
  • At least 1 employee who can use sign language, identified from their collar badge,
  • Shelf spaces designed according to passage of wheelchairs,
  • Wheelchairs ready for use if needed by our disabled and elder customers.

We implemented the first online supermarket platform of Türkiye accessible for visually disabled individuals.

Click for the Accessible Stores

Respecting Food

To prevent the waste of the food products that do not satisfy the sales standards in appearance but remain nutritious and suitable for consumption, we deliver these products to those in need with “Whole Surplus (Fazla Gıda)”, a web-based donation platform. With this next generation application that we started to use for the first time in 2017, we again act as a trailblazer in Türkiye and deliver donatable food products to those in need. Thus, we ensure delivery of foods to correct addresses in appropriate amounts.

With a donation of 2,781 tons in 2021, we have been supporting the delivery of more than 12.78 million meals to those in need since the beginning of our project. You can watch the detailed video of our project on our YouTube channel.

Within the scope of our “Respecting Food” project, we put up for sale our fresh products and ripe fruits and vegetables with close Expiry Dates at a discount of 25 to 50%, and we endeavor to prevent them from going to waste. With these discounts, we prevented the disposal of 3,967 tons of fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and chicken in 2021, and saved a food equivalent to the annual turnover of 10.7 MigrosJet stores. With our Respecting Food project, we delivered more than 12.78 million meals to those in need. By delivering our products with close Expiry Dates to our consumers at discounted prices, we prevented 3,967 tons of food loss.

Bag-Free Shopping Movement

By taking action to reduce the use of plastic bags, we invited our customers in Migros and Macrocenter stores in 81 provinces of Türkiye not to use bags in their shopping in 2021. Thanks to our customers who supported our BagFree Shopping Movement campaign for their sensitivity, we planted 10,000 new saplings on Manisa Yunt Mountain, in collaboration with Aegean Forest Foundation.

Our Collaborations Providing Social Contribution

Considering the ecosystem economy which encompasses the entire society, we support community health projects and make collaborations to meet the needs of all our stakeholders in our value chain. We expand the scope, content and area of influence of our projects and set our focal points to the matters that we aim to create a social impact, such as balanced diet, personal care, conscious shopping and responsible consumption. Accordingly, our collaborations with organizations operating in different industries, we offer a wide range of products and services. Moreover, we adopt a holistic approach by caring for all our stakeholders and make collaborations to strengthen our connections with and contribute to the society that we are part of.

With our social responsibility projects in collaboration with many organizations, we aim to develop and strengthen the society and to raise awareness of good living. These projects focus on collaborations with our stakeholders in the areas of training, sports, health, vocational development, and talent development, and obtaining concrete outputs in these areas.

Our Collaboration with the Spinal Cord Paralytics: Association of Türkiye With the plastic cap collection project carried out with the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Türkiye (TOFD), we supported the donation of 6 wheelchairs in exchange for 1,930 kg of plastic caps collected until 2021.

Our Little Athletes Project: In our “Little Athletes” project, we donate a certain part of the income from ‘’Procter&Gamble (P&G)’’ products sold in our stores, to the Special Olympics Committee of Türkiye. The project ensures that children in need of special training who are at the age of 2 to 7 can both develop their communication skills by socializing with their age mates and increase their coordination skills. With the contribution of our customers as well, we supported 6,238 special youngsters and children up until today to help them meet sports.

Our Collaboration with the Book for All Foundation: In this project we aim at instilling the habit of reading in children and support the Book for All Foundation, meeting on common ground with our customers. By collecting 58,500 books up until today, our customers who dropped into the packages of the Book for All Foundation their own books or the books they purchased from our stores at a discount, have contributed the delivery of these books to schools across Türkiye.

Our Collaboration of Girls on the Field: We are constructing an astro turf with 'Ruffles Girls on the Field Platform', which organizes football schools for girls, tournaments for high school students and adult women, football and social development camps for mixed groups of girls and boys and corporate trainings for schools and companies. We plan to organize training programs and events in the said astro turf with partnership of “Girls on the Field”.

Our Collaboration with Play-Doh with the Theme ‘A Box Full of Future with Play-Doh’: As part of the collaboration with Play-Doh to support children's creativity and imagination, we donated 39,900 play dough products to the Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) based on the sales of 4-pack play dough products in our stores.

Our Children’s Clothing Donation Campaign: We plan and carry out our ‘Clothing Donation Campaign’ project, which has been continuing for 10 years and now have become a tradition, in collaboration with Ariel (P&G) and the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). We delivered the clothes we collected to 420.000 people.

Migros Children’s Theater Festival: Every year, in the weeks that coincide with the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, we support children in watching theater plays free of charge, in cooperation with the State Theatres. For 27 years, with our Migros Children’s Theater Festival, we have enabled 1 million children to go to theater plays free of charge.

Our Collaboration with Kellogg’s and TEGV: When children were kept away from the school in Covid-19 period, we implemented our social responsibility project of 1,000 tablets for 1,000 children in cooperation with Kellogg’s and TEGV to meet technological needs and overcome limited access to the internet. Our customers contributed to delivery of 1,000 tablets to children in need determined by TEGV, by contributing TRY 1 to the project with each Kellogg’s branded product they purchased from Migros, MigrosJet, 5M, Macrocenter.

Support to Education through Stationery Shopping: In order to support the education of children, we donated to the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye (TEGV) on behalf of our customers a portion of the revenues generated from the stationery purchases amounting to TRY 200 or more, made in our stores in August and September when the exciting return-to-school season was in full swing.

Our Collaboration with Nestlé and SosyalBen Foundation: In the project we implemented through the Nestle and SosyalBen foundation, we supported education through every Nesquik Nesfit and Corn Flakes product purchased from our stores. In the first phase of the project, we contributed to the development of children by delivering educational kits to 1,000 children.

Our Donation Boxes With TEGV: Every year on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, we place donation boxes in our stores for the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye (TEGV). During the same period, we sell toys, children’s books and stationery products at a 50% discount in our stores. Our customers who buy these products and want to donate can deliver the products to children in need through the foundation.

Our Collaboration with Paşabahçe and MEVA (Breast Cancer Foundation): Within the scope of “October 1-31 Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, we contribute to the development of breast health awareness and the spread of early diagnosis opportunities by donating to the Breast Cancer Foundation for each bottle we sell in our stores, by including the Paşabahçe Meva Pink-Capped bottle in the Migroskop and 5M catalogue.

Deposit Return Machine in Collaboration with Coca Cola İçecek: We located the deposit return machine manufactured by Teknowatt, which operates with artificial intelligence technology, in our Ataşehir MMM store. This machine is completely domestic device that earns our customers 1 Money point for every 5-drink packaging, with the support of Coca-Cola İçecek. The machine accepts packaging wastes with artificial intelligence, image processing and weight control with zero possibility of error thanks to its technology.

Refilling Unit in collaboration with OMO: In order both to reduce our plastic waste amount and to prevent production of new plastic, we started to use Refilling Unit in collaboration with OMO. With the Refilling Unit installed in our Ataşehir MMM store, our customers have the empty detergent bottles they brought with them scanned by our unit, and when the unit detects the size of the bottle and refills the product, they obtain the refilled product at a price which is more affordable compared to that of the products on shelves. With this practice, we aim to reduce the plastic footprints of our customers and to reduce the annual plastic amount created in our stores due to sales of detergents.

Development and Acceleration of Woman Entrepreneur in Agriculture Program: Migros collaborates with the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Türkiye (KAGİDER) to strengthen women in the agriculture industry. The program, organized for the second time in 2021, has hosted to date 68 entrepreneurs selected among 433 woman entrepreneurs conducting business in the agriculture industry in online camps and 76 entrepreneurs in camps organized in a physical medium. To develop women in the agricultural sector and take more sustainable, solid and significant steps, 36 women entrepreneurs who participated in the online camp were given mentorship support for one year. Entrepreneur participants who meet the quality standards and relevant conditions are also offered the opportunity to be a supplier within Migros.

Cleaning the Seas through TURMEPA: By collecting waste vegetable oil, we contributed to the cleaning of the seas through TURMEPA, Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association. TURMEPA’s D-MARİN Boat collected approximately 722,000 liters of wastes from 1,672 vessels. The amount of waste collected with the support of Migros reached 280,000 liters. By this means, we kept clean 2.3 million liters of seawater.

Aisle Made of Nutshells with Migros Up and Ottan Studio: In aisles of our M Life branded products, we used our shelves, produced from shells of walnut and nut sold in our stores with upcycling technique in collaboration of Migros Up and OTTAN Studio. At the production stage of shelves, we first clean and disinfect the shells. The shells are ground and grouped by their size and turned into the raw material of bio-composite material. In the next step, we cast in mold the blend, 68% of which consists of nut and walnut shells and the rest of which consists of green resin and obtain final plates by kiln-drying process. Thus, we contribute to the economy using product wastes while also ensuring recycle of wastes for the environment.

Frosh Cleaning With the Power of Nature Project: Riva’s 2nd bay was cleaned in collaboration of Frosch, Migros and Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TÜDAV). With the motto of #Cleaningwiththepowerofnature, we prevented 60 kg garbage onshore from mixing into the sea and harming marine species.

Migros & Duracell Waste Battery Collection Project: As part of the project ‘Your Waste Batteries Will Turn into Goodness with Duracell’, we collected over 4,000 kg of waste batteries brought to recycling points in our stores and delivered over 1,350 white canes to visually-impaired people in need.