As Migros, our goal is to bring safe foods to our customers under safe conditions. For this, we reach safe and sustainable food with the three steps we have determined. 'Safe When Buying, Safe When Storing and Safe When Selling'

Safe When Buying (Supplier)

Migros, which attaches great importance to supplier selection, monitors its supplier companies' practices in line with the standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and 2-day audits based on ethical, social, environmental, occupational health and safety compliance requirements.

Migros fulfills the requirements of international standards on product health and controls the processes of each product from the first purchase to the point where it reaches the end consumer.

Safe When Storing

The products that are delivered to the distribution centers and stores of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. are checked at every goods delivery receipt and only products that pass inspection are accepted.

The cold chain, which is critical in terms of food safety, ensures uninterrupted control of products from distribution centers from the delivery till storage, logistics and the moment they are presented to customers.

In order to provide safe products in the agricultural production and livestock fields Migros has adopted the “Good Agricultural Practices Production Model” and encourages suppliers to do certified farming. Also as the first retailer with the “Good Agricultural Practices Group Certification” in herbal production, Migros monitors the certification and inspection processes of producer groups firsthand.

Safe When Selling

The products included in our sales are regularly monitored within the scope of content controls, quality analysis and taste panels within the scope of legal regulations and Migros control parameters.

Migros controls the store processes of its seven quality management system certificates by conducting unannounced audits by its own quality team and an accredited independent external institution.

During the inspections, the control of cleaning and disinfection applications is also provided with analysis samples.

Periodic trainings are given to all employees in order to increase quality, product safety and environmental awareness in the stores and to ensure the sustainability of their practices..

Quality, Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management Systems Policy

As Migros Ticaret A.Ş.;

In the Turkish Retail Industry, where we lead with our pioneering and innovative practices, it is our indisputable principle to make a difference and provide services that exceed expectations by creating high consumer awareness, and to ensure continuous improvement by adhering to legal legislations and regulations and corporate governance principles.

We record, monitor, report and aim for continuous improvement, with the awareness that all kinds of messages that reach us through our communication channels will advance our service quality. We evaluate the messages in line with the principle of confidentiality. By offering objective and fair solutions to the messages, we improve our way of doing business in line with the suggestions.

We aim to create a safe working environment in order to protect our employees, business partners and customers against workplace health and safety risks. We follow proactive approaches to ensure the continuity of our workplace environment.

We value experience and creativity of our employees.We provide the necessary resources and technology to support their behavioral and

We take the responsibility of being sensitive to social and cultural issues and contributing to social values.

In order to leave a healthier and livable environment to future generations; we attach importance to the efficient and economical use of natural resources by keeping our environmental impacts under control.As an environmentally friendly company, we aim to transfer our social awareness and responsibility to future generations with our projects focusing on environmental pollution reduction.

We see the effort that we spend on establishing, maintaining and developing Quality Management Systems as the most important value for

The Migros Quality Journey

Migros always provides customers with modern, reliable, economic and high quality products to achieve sustainable quality and sector leadership in line with its strategies and mission. Migros Ticaret is the First Food Retailer with five Quality Management System Certifications documented by the Turkish Standards Institute. These certifications are the certificates of:

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In the framework of corporate values the company has adopted, Migros aims not just to meet but to exceed expectations with customer focus, reliability, sensitivity, leadership, productivity and innovation principles. In this scope the company has created Quality Management System processes and procedures to establish and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The established system was approved by the TSE and received a ‘TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System’ Certificate.

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The goal of Migros, a company which sees world standards as its guide in food safety; is to provide a healthy environment for all products to ensure the unconditional safety of customers and to use a “Risk Management” approach in all processes concerning quality and product safety to reduce any danger to a minimum. As a result of the work conducted by Migros Ticaret in this scope, the company earned the “TS EN IS0 22000 Food Safety Management System” certificate in 2006. The focus of the system is to conduct food safety inspections with an efficient and dynamic approach and the systematic management and control of HACCP Hazard Analyses, Operational Prerequisite Programmes and Prerequisite Programmes.

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The “Customer Satisfaction Management System” of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is the entire system established in line with transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, confidentiality and accountability principles of guiding policies for all customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The system is comprised of processes including the receipt of a communication, tracking it, notifying receipt of it, making the initial assessment, investigating, collecting information, analyzing and evaluating the communication, responding and measuring satisfaction. Migros has earned a TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate in this scope in 2013.

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Migros, within the framework of the values it has acquired in order to ensure sustainable quality and sectoral leadership; has received "Reliable Supplier Certificate" , within the framework of Trust in Supply Chain Program, which is a first of a kind, carried out with ETÜDER, GGD by engaging in society and environmental safety activities. With this document, which has received an important place in terms of access to reliable food, it has shown its success in the sector once again.

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Migros Ticaret A.Ş. forms the work safety concept together with quality and productivity principles in the framework of the Quality Management Systems. By adopting a proactive approach, the company determines, monitors, controls and makes constant improvements on occupational health and safety risks. Training is provided to increase Occupational Health and Safety awareness. With this work Migros has gone one step further in the quality journey to achieve the “OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System” certificate in 2015.

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Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is dedicated to the efficient and productive use of natural resources by limiting its environmental impact in an effort to leave a healthier and more liveable environment to future generations. Migros set up an Environmental Management System with all of its relevant stakeholders to improve its environmental performance, fulfill its environmental responsibilities and contribute to the environment in a systematic manner; it obtained a TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in 2016. Migros looks at the life cycle of its activities to determine and keep under control their environmental dimensions and risks and carries out work to mitigate their negative environmental impact. It reduces or has no impact on the environment in cases of emergency. As an environment-friendly company with projects to reduce environmental pollution, Migros is socially-sensitive and aware of its responsibilities towards future generations.

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Migros provides the necessary hygiene conditions within the scope of the COVID-19 outbreak and protects the health of its employees , visitors,suppliers and all stakeholders with the measures it takes.Migros which manufactures and services without compromising quality , food safety and hygiene , occupational health and safety requirements , has received the ’’TSE COVID-19 SAFE PRODUCTION/ SERVICE CERTIFICATE‘’ in the normalization process and has documented that it will continue to produce reliable and serve in compliance with hygiene standards.

Adana DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Ankara 365 AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Akmerkez Macrocenter Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Ankara 365 AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Antalya AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Antalya DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Antalya Kipa AVM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Antalya Serik Toptan Satış Depo TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Ataşehir MMM Migros TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Balçova AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Beylikdüzü AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Bodrum Konacık Toptan Depo Şubesi TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Bursa Asmerkez Toptan Satıs Mağazası Depo TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Bursa DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Çiğili AVM TSE Covid-19 Shopping Centers Safe Service Certificate Erzurum DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate İç Anadolu Regional Directorate TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Gebze Dağıtım Merkezi TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Gebze Et-TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate Gölbaşı Dağıtım Merkezi Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Kemalpaşa DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Maslak Eclipse 2 TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Mersin Hal Toptan Depo TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Migros Ticaret A.Ş.-TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Muğla DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate Samsun DM TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate