30 April 2013


Migros Group, leading changes in food retail, bringing innovations suitable for life styles and expectations of each individual walking in the stores under improving living conditions together with the consumers across Turkey, put Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros, which is the first hypermarket of Kahramanmaraş, into service. The store combining enjoyable shopping environment with product range and hyper cheapness became 20. 5M Migros Store in Turkey. ‘Living Spaces’ making the time that the family members will spend in the store more enjoyable and pleasant met the consumers of Kahramanmaraş for the first time through 5M Migros. In the store having a wide range of products from major appliances to the electronic instruments, from cleaning materials to the textile, food and beverage which are all offered with hyper cheap prices, many local flavors belonging to the region hit the shelves as well. Local flavors meet the consumers of Kahramanmaraş on the shelves in 5M Migros along with national flavors. Opening of Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros with an area of 5500 m2 came into service in Kahramanmaraş Piazza AVM on 26th April was realized with the participation of Mr. Mehmet Sağlam, Deputy Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Kahramanmaraş Parliament Member, Mr. Abdülkadir Aksu, Istanbul Parliament Member and Mr. Fuat Yanar, Deputy General Manager of Migros Ticaret A.Ş., along with great interests of Kahramanmaraş people.

As a leader company in retail industry, Migros Group, meeting the consumers with various retail opportunities, introduced a brand new shopping format to the people of Kahramanmaraş. Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros store, having the characteristic of being the first hypermarket of Kahramanmaraş province, was put into service with the participation of Mr. Mehmet Sağlam, Deputy Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Kahramanmaraş Parliament Member, Mr. Abdülkadir Aksu, Istanbul Parliament Member and Mr. Fuat Yanar, Deputy General Manager of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. after ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 11.00 a.m.

Regional products, special flavors of Anatolia are offered at the largest shopping point of Kahramanmaraş, 5M Migros…

The store introduced fruit and vegetables as if fresh from the orchard, charcuterie and meat products with variety options, thousands of products regarding kitchen, kids, bathroom and electronics to the people of Kahramanmaraş with hyper cheap prices. The consumers had a shopping experience that they have never lived before on 26th April in Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros with rich product categories and price advantages special for the opening. Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros gives support the companies in the region through local brands and has brought the local flavors in the region to the shelves.

Aiming to show how entertainment and comfort meets cheapness in the shopping to the people of Kahramanmaraş, 5M Migros has become the forerunner of a brand new shopping experience for the consumers in Kahramanmaraş. Typical store layout doesn’t exist in 5M Migros. ‘Living Spaces’, offering separate worlds for different fields of interest of each individual all together, meet the consumers in Kahramanmaraş for the first time through 5M Migros. All products regarding any kind of requirement group are exhibited together within a certain concept in living spaces. Consumers have the opportunity to buy the products with a variety more than thirty thousand within a wide range in living spaces like Kitchen, Kids, Electronics, Glassware, Bathroom etc. with optimum prices. 20th 5M Migros store in Turkey that was opened in Kahramanmaraş Piazza AVM includes social areas like cafes and restaurants in which people of Kahramanmaraş can both make shopping and have a lovely time.

On the opening day, many products was offered with special prices for sale

TVs, computers, smart mobile phones having the state art of technology are presented to the taste of electronic product lovers in ‘Electronic Living Space’ in Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros. The people of Kahramanmaraş had the opportunity to have hundred varieties of electronic appliances with the prices specific for the opening from a single point. Besides, special discounts for the opening were made in meat, charcuterie, fruit and vegetable, dry food, detergent and glassware groups.

Women of Kahramanmaraş can find anything they are looking for in 'Kitchen' living space.

In ‘Kitchen Living Space’ that people of Kahramanmaraş met through 5M Migros, everything the consumer is looking for the kitchen is available for sale with optimum prices from kitchen table to practical, decorative, functional, dotal glassware. The products meeting the requirements in different categories through ‘Living space concept’ adopted in 5M Migros are offered together to the consumer within a wide range as to complete each other.

Good news for the parents with ‘Kids’ living space

In kids living space offering a wide range of products like care, textile, baby car chair, stroller for the infants and kids, there are also most preferred games that are followed also by the parents not only by kids and party-decoration products for birthday organizations in Kahramanmaraş 5M Migros. Furthermore, most important needs of the kids such as diaper, baby food, cosmetics, shoes, baby chair, toys and clothes are also offered for the preference and taste of the parents in this living space.