31 August 2012


Tansaş, born and grew in Aegean Land, strengthened its connection with the Aegean people with its innovations and undertook the main sponsorship of 81st International Expo. It has prepared a program full of surprises including lots of initial practices. Deputy General Manager Mr. Şevki Tuncer and Deputy General Manager for Group Marketing Mr. Cem Rodoslu have shared the program with the public.



Şevki Tuncer: “The faith of Izmir’s folks in Tansaş illuminates our way.”

Speaking in the press conference Tansaş Deputy General Manager Mr. Şevki Tuncer said; “Tansaş has focused on Izmir for the latest two years. We take pride in seeing that Izmir is protecting its own brand with a great passion. Our activities and campaigns organized until today, taking both social and basic requirements into consideration, were inspired by their faith in Tansaş. We have undertaken the main sponsorship of this expo, the treasure of Turkey, preparing ourselves in the right time with the right strategy to thank Izmir’s folks. As Tansaş, responding to the question ‘What are we doing for Aegean?’ in each project; we have gained faith of the Aegean people and appreciation of the crowds with what we have done until today. We are touching an Aegean with every project we develop and every campaing we make.”


“We will recreate a festival environment in the expo beginning with special shows”

Şevki Tuncer, stated that they have contributed to restoration and regaining festival like air of Izmir’s symbol, the expo, by undertaking the main sponsorship of 81st İzmir International Expo; and underlined that the expo, İzmir’s heart in geographic, cultural and moral sense, will welcome its guests with artistic and cultural activities addressing every person or every age. Mr. Tuncer said that they had special surprises not only for Izmir’s folks but also for the visitors coming from other cities and from abroad, and continued as; “During the expo we will present unforgettable days for everybody from age 7 to 70 with surprise shows and concerts each of which are more enjoyable than the other. On the Opening Night, all Izmri folks are invited to an amazing fireworks and water-screen show in Gündoğdu Square.


“Everybody is invited to concerts of famous singers, amazing shows and Pepee activities”

Mr. Tuncer, stating that they will double the spirit of expo with concerts and surprise shows, said; “We will bring best and most favored singers of Turkey including Sertab Erener, Murat Boz, Gökçe, Göksel and Group Model during the expo. The expo has visitors from every age group and we haven’t missed the youngest ones. The house of Pepee, the favorite character of the children, Carmen Circus, Pepee Musical and lots of other activities are waiting for our young visitors.” Mr. Tuncer stated that Tansaş would host many shows, which would admiringly be watched by everybody. He added that the Cirquba Show, which is a perfect harmony of acrobatics and dance; the Chinese Fire Dance, which astounds the audience; snake shows; illusionist shows, clown shows, pantomime shows will bring unforgettable moments to the visitors.


“All Tansaş employees will work voluntarily during the Expo”

Mr. Tuncer declared that all Tansaş employees would work voluntarily to announce the activities to be performed in and out of the expo area. He said that all Tansaş employees will be ready in all Tansaş stores with their t-shirts and caps bearing expo logo, and spread invitations and tickets for direction from the stores to the expo.


Cem Rodoslu: “Tansaş suppliers will meet their customers for the first time during the expo”

Tansaş Deputy General Manager for Group Marketing Mr. Cem Rodoslu declared that 212 variant Tansaş brand product in 82 product group will be presented in the Tansaş Store built in the expo area. He said; “Hundreds of products produced for Tansaş brand with our quality, wide range and economic price understanding, will meet the consumers in packages and prices special for the expo.”


Rodoslu added that surprise presents, Money Club and free shopping campaigns as well as surprise discount bills will be available in Tansaş stores in Aegean Region, for the Expo and Tansaş Street visitors.


“Tansaş Street is the symbol of strong cooperation established with the suppliers”

Rodoslu stated 46 suppliers of Tansaş will have the chance to introduce themselves to the consumers for the first time by opening product blocks, and underlined that Tansaş Street was the symbol of the strong cooperation established with the suppliers.”

Rodoslu continued his words saying: “Brands collaborated under the roof of Tansaş. Suppliers rolled up their sleeves, and Tansaş Street is built in the expo for Tansaş customers. Tansaş Street will become a good meeting point for the suppliers of our 217 Tansaş stores. Our Suppliers will meet the customers with offerings, organize tasting activities, spread gift cheques and establish a direct connection with the customer for the first time.”


Feast with meatball sandwich for 1 TL with Tanet assurance

Cem Rodoslu stated that the visitors will have the chance to taste various products for symbolic prices during the expo; “For example, the meatballs made of the meat produced in Tansaş Meat Integrated Facilities will be offered to our visitors as meatball sandwich feast for 1 TL. The meats produced by Tanet in the Izmir Region are offered for consumption following a 100% veterinary inspection. We are enabling 10 million families to eat reliable meat of a certain source by producing 9.000 tons of fillet meat per year thanks to Tanet.”


Activities Organized During the Expo:

·         Special fireworks and water screen show in Gündoğdu Square / 31 August 31 at 21:00

·         Bloco Entrudo Cortege

·         Speaker Selim Yeğin and special dj performance

·         Crystal announcement balloons

·         Sunflower offering of walking brands

·         Daily activity plans of the expo will be announced via zeppelin to İzmir’s folks

·         The opportunity to animate the expo area in Kordon via live broadcasts from the water screen every day during the expo.

·         Carmen Circus; Illusionist Show, Pantomime Show, Puppet Show, Accordion Show, Snake Show, Clown Show, Folk Dance Show, Chinese Fire Dance, Robot Show, Acrobatics and Juggler Show

·         Concerts,

September 2,2012 Murat Boz

September 3,2012 Gökçe

September 4,2012 Göksel

September 5,2012 Cirquba

September 6,2012 Grup Model

September 7,2012 Pepee Müzikali

September 8,2012 Sertab Erener

·         Special shows, activities, games and animations for the children

·         Pepee House

·         Special inflatable game sections for children

·         Costumed animators

·         Volkan Severcan’s children’s show with dance and music named "İSLİ SİSLİ PİS PUSLU" in İzmir Kültürpark İsmet İnönü Cultural Center on September 3-4-5-6-7-8-9

·         Promotion of Tanet meatball sandwich for 1 TL. Street shows, animations, small shows will also be available in this area.