09 March 2012

Migros Group, which introduced the concept of thematic shopping based on the traces of life to the consumers for the first time in Turkey, presents the concept of AnadoluM (“My-Anatolia”) following the “Nostalgia” concept. Migros Group, which offers very different products that bear the traces of Anatolia, the stop-point of specific traditions, very special local products and tastes, and the cradle of civilisations, to the interested consumers, brings the “Concept of AnadoluM (My-Anatolia)” to the stores by breaking the ground again in Turkey. The wind of Anatolia that started on February 16th in Migros Stores will continue to blow until April 4th.

Migros, which is the leader of modern retail-sale business, continues with the concept of AnadoluM (“My-Anatolia”) following the concept of “Nostalgia” in the era of thematic shopping that it introduced to the consumers for the first time. Migros started 2012 with the concept of AnadoluM by setting out from the essence of Turkey, introduces many different values, tastes, symbols and patterns of Anatolia to the consumers throughout Turkey through different products. The products with “AnadoluM” concept were found very interesting by the consumers in a very short time.

The products with Anatolia theme are presented to customers in all Migros stores

The specially-produced products with Anatolia theme by the rooted brands in Turkey that cooperated with Migros for “AnadoluM” concept and the specific tastes of Anatolia are waiting for the consumers at Migros stores during February 16th- April 4th. The local tastes such as the macaronis with Anatolia theme that have the patterns of china on Pastavilla, Tat village tomato sauce encased in sack, Yenigun’s local Antalya jams, Nigde’s gaseous drink with raspberry, Izmir’s Kiritaklar aged skin bag cheese, Semdinli’s honey, Afyon’s cream, and the Ottoman wort are also introduced to the customers in all Migros stores.

1000 tons of sunflower oil, 50.000 pieces of earthenware cooking pots were sold in only 10 days and extra production was realized for the campaign
Cem Rodoslu, the Deputy Managing Director of Migros Ticaret A.S., stated that they were welcomed by a great interest of the consumers in the period of approximately three weeks so far since February 16th when the campaign was launched, and added, “1000 tons of sunflower oil, 100 tons of rice, 20.000 bottles of wort, 150 tons of yoghurt and 50.000 pieces of earthenware cooking pots were sold in all our Migros stores throughout Turkey in respect of the products within the scope of this campaign in 10 days only. We had to realize extra production in some product groups.” Rodoslu expressed that they want all the consumers that enter into our stores to purchase at least one of the products with AnadoluM concept and experience this campaign in the second phase of the era of thematic shopping and said, “Our target until April 4th is to introduce the Anatolian brands to our consumers by reaching maximum number of customers with the products of AnadoluM concept.”

Record-breaking interest for the “henna night” in the store
Cem Rodoslu expressed that what they meant with the thematic shopping that was first launched in Turkey by Migros Group was not to put specific products side to side, and said, “Both the external appearances, packages and tastes of our products reflect the Anatolia theme and the atmosphere that we create inside the store takes the customers into this theme.” Rodoslu noted that they created a distinctive integrity by bringing the AnadoluM concept to the stores as a corporation that best recognizes the consumers and that very well knows their needs and that can offer the services sought by them in the most entertaining and different manner, and that one of the best examples of this fact was the “henna night” that they realized in Cevahir Migros. Rodos added as follows: “We have enriched our theme with the activities that bear traces from the traditions of Anatolia within the scope of AnadoluM concept. As a matter of fact, the activity of “henna night” that we organised in Cevahir Store was welcomed by a great interest of all customers that stepped into the store. Our customers took photos with the bride and groom, and left the store with a nice memoir that bears traces from their own life.”

Rodoslu: “We have entered into 2012 with an ambitious theme”
Cem Rodoslu, the Deputy Managing Director of Migros Ticaret A.S., reminded that Migros Group launched the era of thematic shopping for the first time in Turkey and added, “We were in front of the consumers with the “Nostalgia” campaign in 2011 and we enabled the consumers to experience a different shopping. As Migros Group, the address where the innovations and creative and distinctive viewpoints get together with the consumers, we are happy with entering into 2012 with AnadoluM (“My-Anatolia”) that is an ambitious theme again.

“We have brought local tastes of Anatolia to the feet of the consumers”
Cem Rodoslu noted that they had a campaign process that was welcomed by a great interest since the very first day when it was launched, and he said, “Anatolian tastes were introduced to the consumers in all corners of Turkey with this campaign. We removed all the obstacles between the consumers and these tastes. It is now enough for the customers to go to Migros stores in the cities to be able to access to the specific tastes of the ancestors’ lands where they were born, raised or that they listened from their grown-ups. Migros continues to offer the products and services desired by the consumers with a different shopping experience for them as it has always been so far.”