Environment is Ours, Shore is Ours” and Cleaned Caddebostan Shore

06 June 2014

Migros Employees Said “Environment is Ours, Shore is Ours” Cleaned Caddebostan Shore

Migros Group continues its practices that embrace consumers in order to raise environmental consciousness and awareness. Having realized an important social responsibility project to improve the environmental cleaning consciousness on 5th of June, World Environment Day, Migros Group cleaned one of the most crowded shores of Anatolian Side, Caddebostan, with volunteer participation of its employees. At the event initiated with the ‘Environment is Ours, Shore is Ours’ motto, Migros Group employees collected waste alongside the shore and invited everyone to be more sensitive about environment. Many associations which will support the environmental action launched by Migros on June 7-8-14-15, will carry out different consciousness raising works at Caddebostan Shore, to leave a more healthy and habitable environment to future generations.

Migros Group which set the principle of environmental consciousness as an integral element of corporate social responsibility projects it shares with community, continues to transfer time and resources in order to leave a more healthy and habitable environment to future generations.

Migros Group which give support to recycling of packaging waste such as paper, glass, plastic, metal and batteries at recycling kiosks available in its stores and contribute to energy production with its waste, this time supported recycling together with its employees. Migros employees collected paper, glass and plastic to be utilized in recycling by sorting them, alongside the shore during the event organized at Caddebostan shore on 5th of June, World Environment Day.

As part of the event, Migros employees called for throwing out their trash to recyling bags to the people having picnic and resting on the shore. Migros employees of the stores at shore side also offered free bags to dried fruit sections and to customers who bought dried fruits from counters.

Clubs, associations and foundations will also support the action initiated by Migros
On Saturday June 7th, Deniz Temiz Association (TURMEPA) will support this environmental action initiated by Migros employees. Deniz Temiz Association (TURMEPA) will exhibit the fact that plastic waste do not decompose in nature for 400 years, through photo blocks; will also present important photos on marine species and waste according to the reports coming from United Nations Organization and will give briefings. On Sunday June 8th, Caddebostan Skin Divers Club will exhibit the waste extracted from the sea. Caddebostan Skin Divers Club which will expose the damage to environment and sea will invite everyone to be more sensitive about our seas. The stand of Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recycling Foundation(ÇEVKO) will meet the environment lover on June 14th-15th at Caddebostan Shore. The sympathetic mascot ÇEVKİ of ÇEVKO, to which Migros Ticaret A.Ş. supports and partners with in several projects, will show recycling practices interactively and inform those curious people on packaging waste recycling. The electronic waste collection company Exitcom which will meet the environmentalists with a different and original practice on June 14th-15th, will exhibit a car made out of electronic waste.