27 September 2013

This year, Migros Group again extends special offers in sacrificial animal options. The customers who fill out the order forms at Migros Group stores, or submit an order through www.sanalmarket.com.tr or by calling the Customer Services Line 444 10 44, enjoy the comfort of purchasing a healthy and reliable sacrificial animal.

On the occasion of this Eid al-Adha, Migros Group again offers the most attractive sacrificial animal options. 100% indigenous stock animals slaughtered in line with Islamic rules and hygiene, using modern methods under notary public oversight, are delivered to customers with the quality and assurance of Migros. It is possible to order animals by filling out an order form at Migros Group Stores, or placing an order through www.sanalmarket.com.tr or by calling the Customer Services Line 444 10 44.

It is possible to buy sacrifice shares for sheep, as well as boned cattle...

This year, Migros Group again offers two options regarding sheep. The first option involves sacrificial ram older than 1 year, and offers a live weight of 30-35 kg, providing a carcass meat of 12-14 kg, whereas the second option involves sacrificial sheep with a live weight of 40-45 kg, providing a carcass meat of 16-18 kg. The sacrificed sheep are delivered in parts of 2 hind legs, 2 arms, 2 cages, 1 piece of neck, and 1 kidney set.

The live weight of sacrificial cattle older than 2 years is approximately 350 kg. Once the animal is slaughtered, they are delivered in refrigerated and boned 7 equal shares of approximately 18-20 kg each.

The sacrifice is made on behalf of the proxy appointer, in accordance with religious procedure and under the oversight of notary public, at licensed slaughterhouses. The slaughter of sacrificial animals purchased from Migros Group shall be carried out in accordance with the rules of Islam, on behalf of the proxy appointer, under the oversight of notary public and supervision of specialist veterinarians and food engineers, once every required medical check are applied. The animals slaughtered on the first or second day of Eid al-Adha in licensed slaughterhouses and facilities compliant with regulations and standards, will be refrigerated and chopped up, and will be delivered in bags and boxes, in accordance with applicable hygiene and food safety standards. All packaging materials used for the packaging of sacrificial animal meat are approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. The products in bags and boxes will be stored in cold storage at a temperature of 0 – 4°C, and shall be kept in cold chain until delivery.

The hides, intestines, head, fat, and feet of the sacrificial ram, as well as the hide, fat and intestines of sacrificial cattle shall be delivered to Turkish Aeronautical Association under the oversight of notary public and in exchange of a receipt; the donation receipt will be delivered to customers, along with the sacrifice.

Three delivery options for sacrificial animal orders from Migros Group...
1) The sacrificial animal can be donated to a charity;

The customers who buy the sacrificial animal from Migros Group can have it delivered to the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV), in exchange of receipt. The receipt drawn up for the proxy appointer will also be sent via post to the delivery address.

2) You can personally take delivery of the animal;
The customers can take delivery of their sacrificial animals from Migros Group stores. In case the animal is a ram, it shall be available for delivery from Migros Group stores specified in the order forms, on the second, third, or fourth day of Eid al-Adha, whereas in case of sacrificial cattle share, it shall be available on the third and fourth days of the festival. The in-store delivery provides the option to have the sheep divided into desired number of parts with bones, or the cattle prepared as mince-meat, veal cubes, and beef. No further charges will apply for these services.

3) The animal can be delivered to an address of choice;
The sacrificial ram requested to be delivered to a specific address will be delivered on the second, third, or fourth day of Eid al-Adha, whereas cattle shares will be delivered on the third and fourth, by Migros Virtual Market distribution teams. Deliveries are available only within the metropolitan municipality borders of Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. No further transportation charges will apply for sacrificial animal deliveries if the order was placed over the web site or order line. Deliveries of sacrificial animals ordered via Migros Group stores shall be subject to a transportation charge of TRY 15.

Affordable payment options for sacrificial animals; TRY 50 instant discount for payments via Money Visa Card.
Sacrificial ram prices of Migros Group are set as TRY 575 (12-14 kilogram carcass) and TRY 675 (16-18 kilogram carcass), whereas the price for cattle share is set at TRY 695 (18-20 kg boned meat). The payments can be made with credit card or cash at the stores. In case of orders over www.sanalmarket.com.tr or the order line 444 10 44, payments can be made with credit card or bank transfers. TRY 50 instant discounts and payment in 12 equal installments is available for payments with Money Visa card. Furthermore, 8 installments are offered for various credit cards.