04 October 2013

Migros Group was granted 6 more awards in 3 different categories in Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards following ASTD Best Award, Oscar of retail and one of the most prestigious awards in the world and thus the number of awards granted abroad increased to 7. Migros has became the first company to bring those important awards to our country. As Migros Group Retail Academy, we aim to improve human resources to reach the strategic targets of the company with innovative practices in accordance with the company priorities, individual and industrial requirements and also to carry new grounds, innovations and best practices into effect in the industry.

Migros has became the first company to bring ASTD Best award to our country in the retail industry.
Migros Group Retail Academy was granted ASTD Best 2013 award, regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the world about Training and Development and presented by ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) that is the biggest training organization of the world.
Every year, when companies from all over the world are evaluated, they are examined through the entire Training and Development processes by taking into account that how efficient the training is in terms of the targets of the company, whether continuous learning culture is created and what innovative practices regarding the training are implemented. .

6 awards in 3 categories in Brandon Hall Excellence awards
Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, one of the leading analysis and research institutions in the world providing research based solutions for the training and development in order to the increase the organizational performances of the companies, are regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.
Applications for the competition are evaluated according to the project's level of meeting the requirements, learning design, functionality, innovativeness and measurable benefit by a jury consisting of senior experts and consultants of Brandon Hall Group and independent senior experts.

Among the companies granted an award in the organization held for 15th time this year, there are global companies such as Microsoft, Pwc, Ernst&Young, American Expres, Hp, IBM, Accenture, Dell, Bank Of America, American Express.

3 golden, 1 silver and2 bronze awards from Brandon Hall to Migros Group
• Best Sales Training Program for Extended Enterprise - Gold
Management Trainee Program / 2-month period
• Best in Coaching and Mentoring Program - Gold
Store Manager Mentorship Program
• Best Certification Program - Gold
Open Education Faculty Migros Retailing Undergraduate Study
• Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management - Silver
Migros Group Leadership Way
• Best Sales Leadership Development Program - Bronze
Trainee Manager Development Process
• Best Onboarding Program - Bronze
Trainee Manager Orientation Program