Migros is among leaders both in Turkey and in the international arena with its sustainability practices

11 November 2016

Migros has been the first and only representative of the retail food sector three years in a row in the ‘BİST Sustainability Index’, created by Borsa Istanbul based on its examination of companies in the BİST Index. Also Migros improved the ‘D’ score it had received in 2015 with the report submitted to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), to an ‘A-’ in 2016 with the great acceleration achieved through sustainability work.

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is the first and only food retailer in the ‘BIST Sustainability Index’ three years in a row. In 2016, BİST evaluated the BİST 100 volunteering companies with superior sustainability performance in addition to the BİST 50 companies and Migros took part among the top 43 companies.

This index reveals the approach of companies to issues like global warming, biodiversity, efficient use of natural resources, depletion of water sources, work health and safety, employment, supply chain, corporate governance and priority for living healthy as well as their devotion to transparency.

Besides, Migros achieved great acceleration in its sustainability work to raise the ‘D’ score given by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) after having submitted its first report in 2015, to ‘A-‘ in 2016. Companies that report their practices to decrease their direct and indirect impact on climate change to CDP are evaluated and graded by an international CDP committee.

In order to coordinate all its sustainability work through a single point for the past five years Migros established a “Sustainability Committee” chaired by senior level administrators. The Sustainability Committee measures and evaluates all sustainability values like sustainability, efficiency and use of natural resources including all company functions. Migros is making plans to measurably decrease its carbon footprint on nature over the years.