Migros uses global standards to audit the quality of products offered to its clients

16 November 2017

Migros uses global standards to audit the quality of products offered to its clients

Aiming to provide its clients with products at internationally valid standards, Migros regularly performs quality checks in not only its stores, warehouses and distribution centers but also its suppliers which constitute the first and foremost link in the chain. Migros makes quality standards audits on its suppliers by adding ethics and social compliance to product safety controls.

Migros upgraded its supplier-auditing format in order to raise its quality control criteria up to standards recognized around the world and provide an internationally valid certificate to successful suppliers. Migros makes bidirectional audits by performing product safety checks through BRC Global Market standard, ethics and social checks through SEDEX criteria.

Within the framework of its Supplier Audit Program, Migros conducts product safety checks according to the BRC Global Market standard, which is an international quality audit program. Auditing its suppliers starting from raw material controls, Migros completes its audits using a comprehensive checklist covering various items ranging from production site, compliance of storage and delivery conditions to hygiene of personnel, product analyses, infrastructure conditions and pest controls. Suppliers passing product safety audits register in the BRC portal and deserve to be globally renowned by their quality.

Conducting its environment, ethics and social audits according to international SEDEX criteria, Migros checks whether the supplier companies damage the environment, act respectfully towards their employees and their compliance to ethics and social rules in their operational processes. These audits cover comprehensive controls on supplier companies regarding proper disposal of waste, humane and safe working conditions of employees, payment of social security premiums and salaries according to their rights and non-discrimination based on religion, languages, race or gender. Suppliers that successfully fulfill the criteria deserve the right to receive the GC SEDEX certificate.

Following the two audits, Migros presents the Gold level Migros Approved Supplier Certificate to suppliers with a score of 95 and over and the Silver level Migros Approved Supplier Certificate with a score of 75 – 90. Migros performs follow-up audits on the suppliers that had failed the audits and terminates its commercial relationship with suppliers that fail 3 times.