Petrol Ofisi and Migros Set Precedent in the Retail Sector

09 May 2014

Petrol Ofisi and Migros
Set Precedent in the Retail Sector
MİGROSJET, now available 24/7 in PETROL OFİSİ stations

  • The biggest 24/7 retailer of Turkey, Petrol Ofisi sets a precedent in Turkey by engaging in cooperation with Migros.

  • Within the scope of this cooperation, MigrosJet stores of the biggest supermarket player of Turkey, Migros, will serve for the first time 24/7 as well. This unique project that will give consumers the opportunity of supermarket shopping while buying fuel, will rapidly be spread through all Petrol Ofisi stations in other provinces following its implementations initiated in İstanbul.

Petrol Ofisi, the biggest retailer working 24/7 and leader of the fuel sector in Turkey, and Migros, the biggest supermarket player of Turkey, sets a precedent by engaging in cooperation.

Pursuant to the cooperation initiated upon the decision approved by the Turkish Competition Authority; from now on, Migros will be available at the selected Petrol Ofisi stations with the brand MigrosJet. Hence, Migros will be the first supermarket chain in Turkey, to meet consumer at a fuel station shop. As part of this cooperation which will give consumers the opportunity of convenient supermarket shopping while buying fuel, the MigrosJet stores will serve within Petrol Ofisi stations.

Remarking that the two major brands of Turkey have combined their forces through this cooperation in favor of consumers, Mr. Özgür Tort, CEO of Migros Ticaret A.Ş. explained that Migros aims to be available with fair price and up-to-date products at any place where there is consumer, and that cooperation with Petrol Ofisi is a remarkable practice of this strategy. Özgür Tort spoke as following: "As a company growing with a focus on supermarket, we attach great importance to this cooperation. Both brands offer products and services that ease the life of the consumer, and now, we have combined our strong aspects and market-leading forces. Driven by the decision of the Turkish Competition Authority, we will accelerate our works for the sake of further enhancing this cooperation". Highlighting that, thanks to the strategy of Migros, for spreading across Turkey and getting closer to consumers; now, the company serves in a total of 70 provinces around the country, Mr. Özgür Tort remarked that their point of view on company growth is not only shaped by focus on spread but also the diversification of the channels leading to the customer. Mr. Özgür Tort said: "Migros is the brand introducing the firsts into Turkey within the retail sector. We have a mission to show presence at any place where there is consumer, ranging from the first supermarket to mobile shopping. Our motto towards the consumer is "We are present wherever you are". And this very cooperation demonstrates our capability to show presence at a fuel station, if this is a needed spot for the consumer".

The CEO and Board Member of OMV Petrol Ofisi A.Ş., Mrs. Gülsüm Azeri announces in her statement; that they are the leader in fuel retailing, with the Petrol Ofisi brand, and that they have developed a brand new format with a view to satisfy consumer expectations they follow continously. Azeri indicated that they have combined their forces with Migros, a market leader in its field, to take a very important step forward that will make a difference in competition and service quality.

Mrs. Gülsüm Azeri continued: "As Petrol Ofisi, we have set many precedents with our pioneering and leading profile. As the biggest retailer of Turkey working 24/7, we offer several innovative products and services to consumers. The remarkable score of 20 million transactions per month implies a service covering the overall Turkish population in every 4 months, and we set our eyes to perpetual and sustainable growth in the retail market. Through this project which takes part among our targets, we share the distinction of Petrol Ofisi with our consumers. While serving at a total of 2 thousand and 200 points of sale in every province and almost every district throughout Turkey, we also follow closely all the dynamics of the retail sector. Particularly to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of daily life and having seen the increase in the number of crowds preferring to do a quick roadside shopping, we initiated the necessary process towards a cooperation fulfilling this expectation and completed this process successfully. Thanks to this cooperation, our 24/7 retail business gains a new profile with proven quality and a new customer-oriented solution is added to the list of solutions of Petrol Ofisi".

  • OMV Petrol Ofisi A.Ş.
    Making a sales revenue of 25 billion TL in 2013, OMV Petrol Ofisi, is the second largest private enterprise of Turkey. With its 2,200 fuel stations, 1 mineral oil plant, 11 fuel and , 3 LGP filling terminals, 19 airport supply units and a storage capacity exceeding around 1.3 million cubic metres, OMV Petrol Ofisi, is the leading fuel distribution and mineral oil company of Turkey.
  • OMV
    Making an overall group sales of 42.42 billion Euro in 2013 and incorporating 27,000 employees, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is the largest publicly-held industrial enterprise of Austria. The exploration and production business line of the company, has a solid base and a growing international portfolio in Romania and Austria. OMV's daily production output in 2013 is equivalent to almost 288,000 barrels of fuel. OMV recorded gas sales of approximately 425 TWh in the gas and energy field of operation, in the year 2013. Powered by a natural gas pipeline in Austria and capacity of 2.6 billion cubic meters, OMV operates natural gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. Along with an annual refinery capacity of 17.4 million tons and around 4,200 fuel stations as of the end of 2013, in the field of refining and marketing; OMV operates in 11 countries, one of which is Turkey.
  • Migros
    With 70 stores throughout 7 geographical regions, Migros, the leading retailer of the sector, remains to be the address of the pleasant shopping, innovation and quality. Consolidating its distinctive characteristics and further diversifying its products with fair prices, Migros, which is committed to expanding its communities driven by its philosophy favoring sustainable innovation, continues to welcome its customers with new applications and privileged service approach that would make them feel special.

    Striving to offer the benefit of technological trends to its customers besides its brilliant human resource, Migros always continues to be one step ahead in the sector through its emphasis and investments in IT technologies. Persistently directing its focus in customer expectations since the day of establishment, Migros is mentioned with innovation and development in the retail sector.