11 June 2012


Beylikduzu 5M Migros, which is one of the most important points that Migros Ticaret A.S. meets the consumers, is getting prepared to reopen its doors for the customers with the most advanced means of shopping, a magnificent show and “mad discount program” by erasing all signs of the fire that occurred in November 2011. The shopping means will be offered to the customers until Saturday morning at the prices that are almost free of charge in the store that will be opened at 00.30 p.m. on June 15th, Friday, and the products will be offered to the consumers at unprecedented prices with the discount gong to ring at every hour. Mr. Ozgur Tort, the General Manager of Migros Ticaret A.S., stated that they would greet the consumers with a breath-taking visual show at 09:00 p.m. on Friday evening and said, “This store is our flagship with our innovative applications that we will offer to the customers for the first time and the excitement that we have provided for this region. I particularly suggest all our customers to look at the fresh food that we define as our striking forward not only once, but twice.”

5M Beylikduzu Migros that had to close its doors to the consumers under a total fire on the day prior to the religious festival due to a fire that broke out in November 2011 is entering into service with a special inauguration program unprecedented so far in Turkey. The lights will not turn off and the means of discount will be offered to the customers until Saturday morning at the prices that are almost free of charge in the store that will open its doors to the customers at 00.30 p.m. on June 15th, Friday. The historic inauguration show that will start at 09:00 p.m. in the evening on June 15th with the longest mapping projection system in Turkey at the total length of 147 m will continue with live music performance and various activities during the night.

Mr. Ozgur Tort: “This store is our flagship”
Mr. Ozgur Tort, the General Manager of Migros Ticaret A.S., expressed that 5M Beylikduzu Migros was their flagship with the innovative applications to be offered to the customers for the first time and the excitement created in this region. Mr. Ozgur Tort stated: “Shopping in such kind of big stores creates value in two ways” and continued his words as follows: “It offers price advantages that protects the family budget for the customers on one hand, and we provide an experience that touches on, entertains and offers new trends to each member of family on the other hand. With our stores that we are opening today in both Beylikduzu and Bodrum, an advanced shopping environment that combines economy with entertainment has been designed and it has been tried to make everything available for expectations right now. We are ambitious in offering the best of twin of product and shopping experience.”

“We have seen that Beylikduzu Migros bears much more meaning than a store for this region”
Mr. Ozgur Tort expressed that they worked with the excitement on the very first day in every aspect from the concept of store to the inauguration program and added: “5M Beylikduzu Migros has become a meeting point since it was first opened for both the people in Beylikduzu and surrounding areas. With the feedbacks that we have received following a regretful fire that occurred on the day prior to the religious festival, our customers made us feel that it was the key point of not only shopping, but also the daily life. We have felt once again in the recent 7 months that this area that we are in bears a meaning that is beyond a store for this region. It is such that, following the fire incident, we established a temporary Migros store in the car park area as a requirement of our respect for the habits and needs of the people in this area. I should say proudly that the people in Beylikduzu did not leave us alone here and continued to prefer us for shopping. For this reason, today has a very big and special meaning for us.”

Discount gong will ring at every hour, and the shelves will be filled and emptied constantly at the almost free prices
5M Beylikduzu Migros will open its doors with the record breaking discounts on the occasion of historic inauguration that will continue for the entire weekend staring from 00:30 p.m. on June 15th, Friday. When the day ends, the mad night shopping will continue until the morning and the discount gong will ring for the entire rayon at every hour at the very interesting rayons. The products at 5M Beylikduzu Migros will be offered to the consumers at unbelievable prices with “mad weekend & mad prices” campaign. On the occasion of inauguration of the store where the lights will not turn off for 24 hours, 5M Migros customers that will watch the show that will continue for the entire night will win surprising discounts and gifts. 5M Migros Store, which is the meeting point of Beylikduzu and surrounding areas, will remain open until the morning at the almost free prices exclusive for the inauguration, and it aims at welcoming the customers at a record breaking number at a night with surprising gifts and instant discounts. Mr. Tort stated that they would thank the customers of 5M Migros with a long night that will worth having the record breaking opportunities of inauguration by leaving their homes at night and even towards the morning.

“Fresh food is our striking forward, we will even offer grilled and cooked fish”
Mr. Ozgur Tort pointed out that Beylikduzu 5M Migros was designed as a very special store that meets all requirements of modern shopping with both the layout of rayons, and diversification of products and also in terms of price and innovations in services and added: “I particularly suggest all our customers to look at the fresh food that we define as our striking forward not only once, but twice. Fresh food is a rayon that clearly demonstrates entirety of diversification, competitive price and integrity of services that I mentioned above. We are really very ambitious in this field. There is an abundance in terms of diversified products and services in the store. It is such that we will even offer grilled and cooked fish to our customers.” Mr. Ozgur Tort expressed that glassware, toys, baby-wears, cosmetics, garden and electronic rayons besides the fresh food were re-handled with a very new concept in a manner that M5 Migros customers would not evite.

“Live Communication” buttons at every location of store
At 5M Beylikduzu Migros that will be re-opened for service as totally renewed, very new applications that would enhance the expectations of customers from the modern retail sale and that would meet their needs instantly were realized. One of the new applications at 5M Beylikduzu Migros is that the customers will be able to live communicate with a representative for any information that s/he may ask no matter which rayon it is. With the “Live Communication Buttons” placed at different points in the store, all customers will be able to contact the representative of the related section and live communicate and receive information and get answers to the questions.

It is a first in retail sale: City of Babies
5M Beylikduzu Migros will offer the new shopping areas not implemented at Migros stores so far to the service and entertainment of the customers for the first time. As the first time in the retail sale business, the concept of “City of Babies” exclusive for the mothers and babies and where they can meet all their needs will be offered to the consumers for the first time in this store. There is a special area where there are “Breast-Feeding Room” and “Parents Information Desk” where the consultants answer every question that the mothers want to learn regarding their babies in the “City of Babies”. The parents that come to 5M Beylikduzu Migros can learn even the weight of their babies on the special weigh-scale that is provided for the babies. Furthermore, the babies can play games healthily and freely with the licensed toys in the “Baby Playground” located in the store. In addition, the families with children and the children themselves were not forgotten with the “Child Playground” located in the store where thousands of child products and toys are waiting for the children in this area.

Walls will revive with giant projection and the social media messages will be reflected instantly on the wall
Mr. Ozgur Tort stated that they wanted to get the customers and the region to have an unforgettable period of 24 hours while re-opening 5M Beylikduzu Migros for service and added: “We will realize this inauguration event with a very special program. Shopping is integrated with joy, economy, practicality and entertainment in the world of retail sale business. Therefore, the record breaking prices and abundance of diversified products and entertainment will give color to the historic inauguration. The new technology “mapping show” will be tried in this inauguration for the first time on the longest building application in Turkey. With the “mapping system” at 147 m length, the walls of shopping mall and the building will say words and will simply revive. This visual show will start at 09:00 p.m. and will continue with uninterrupted live music performance, social media messages reflecting instantly on the wall and interactive games during the entire night.”

“The biggest cart of the world will be a symbol of records that we will break”
Mr. Ozgur Tort emphasized that they would have a very important power that would contribute to achieve the high targets of the group with the re-inauguration of Beylikduzu 5M Migros, which is one of the most important addresses that Migros Group meets the customers, and said that they built a giant cart exclusive for the inauguration to make such a special inauguration unforgettable. Mr. Ozgur Tort stated: “We built a giant shopping cart exclusive for the inauguration. We wanted this biggest shopping cart in the world that is a world recording breaking cart to be a symbol of the records that we will break in the retail sale business and shopping.”

Environment-Friendly Smart System at 5M Beylikduzu Migros takes the sunlight inside and balances the outdoor temperature
5M Beylikduzu Migros that was renewed top to down with environment-friendly architectural solutions has a smart system that takes the sunlight inside and that also fees the ambient temperature with outdoor temperature. Thus, the smart systems with more savings contribute positively to both nature and prices. While the lighting expenditures are reduced by half with the application of sunlight illumination and the associated controlled illumination automation system, choice of new technology air conditioning systems also provides saving by one third.
In this way, the saving that is equivalent to the power consumption of 100.000 families for 1 days is made with the total power saving in 1 year.

The world of privileges waiting for the customers at Beylikduzu Migros...

  • All cultural periodic and non-periodic publications are at the service of customers in the new media area and the areas for reading daily newspapers and books
  • Instant access to Internet via the computers located in the Lounge
  • Expanded range of products and new presentation techniques that would take interest of everyone in the kitchen staff and glassware rayons
  • New concept and new presentation techniques in all electronic, garden and hypermarket products
  • Special make-up areas for the ladies that are keen on their beauty
  • Very ambitious in fresh products in terms of both presentation, concept and diversified products
  • The service of cooking on the grill instantly on request in the fish rayon
  • Fresh juiced fruits and vegetables
  • Special service to the distant relatives of the customers with the vacuum machine and rich local products from every region and place for the delicatessen products
  • A variety of Turkish waffles in the authentic cooking area
  • Opportunity for healthy nutrition with various daily organic fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh and abundance of varieties at all times with the misting system for the leafage
  • Exotic fruits and local tastes in the nuts rayon
  • The freshest and richest side dishes in the side dish rayon
  • Very special products such as local pickles, raw meat-ball and stuffed meat-boll
  • Rich meat and chicken products... Very special marinated products and eligible meat products
  • A healthier shopping with medicinal herbs and the world of species
  • Pot meals with the taste of home meals in the cafe section...