The Only Representative of Retail in BIST Sustainability Index

05 November 2014

The Only Representative of Retail in BIST Sustainability Index

The leading retail company Migros Ticaret A.Ş., which provides services all around Turkey with the slogan "Migros will be good for you", once again leads the way. Migros has become one of the 15 companies included in Turkey's first "BIST Sustainability Index" prepared by Borsa Istanbul following an examination of the companies in BIST30. Migros was granted the right to participate in the index as the only brand within its own industry.

Turkey's leading brand Migros Ticaret A.Ş. once again succeeds in breaking new ground. Implementing all business processes by taking ecology and economy into account, providing the freshest products to its customers in the fastest possible way with the motto "it will be good for you", Migros Ticaret A.Ş. has become the first brand from the retail sector to be included in the "BIST Sustainability Index" established in Turkey for the first time.

BIST established the "sustainability index" for the first time like the other leading stock exchanges worldwide. The index, which was established in collaboration with Ethical Investment Research Services Limited (EIRIS) considered the companies' social, environmental and corporate management responsibilities and the disclosure of the performance of these obligations to the public in a transparent manner as its basis.

"BIST Sustainability Index" was announced during a ceremony that took place with the participation of BIST Chairperson Dr. M. İbrahim Turhan and BIST Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz. During the ceremony organized at Borsa Istanbul, 15 companies with the highest corporate sustainability performances that are included in BIST 30 list and were subject to examination, were measured in light of objective and independent criteria and as a result they were granted the right to enter the "BIST Sustainability Index".

Business processes that are respectful towards the nature and humanbeings
The index, where Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is the only company from the retail sector, reveals the companies' attitudes towards sustainability issues that are significant both for Turkey and the globe such as global warming, biodiversity, efficient use of natural resources, decrease in water resources occupational health and safety, employment, supply chain and company corporate governance. Additionally, the index ensures that the activities and decisions are evaluated by an independent party. The "BIST Sustainability Index", which allow the investors to distinguish those companies that adopt sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles, also serves as a tool that ensures investment for these companies.