Migros Group's 1000th Store Opened in Şanlıurfa, 1000 Customers to Shop Without Payment

11 October 2013

Migros Group, leading the way to change in food retailing and bringing innovations relevant to the life style and expectations of every individual visiting its stores to the consumers, opened Şanlıurfa 5M Migros as its 1000th store. Offering numerous special offers and promotions for the opening event, Migros Group will offer 1000 customers shopping at its 1000th store, Şanlıurfa 5M Migros, a get out of store free card. The largest store and the first hypermarket of Şanlıurfa, the 5M Migros' opening was celebrated with a cake and çiğ köfte, a local delicacy of Şanlıurfa, for a thousand guests. Getting substantial attention of the locals, Şanlıurfa 5M Migros offers on its shelves a very wide range of products from domestic appliances to electronics, glassware to cosmetics, and to food and beverages.

The leading name in the retailing business, Migros Group, introduced a brand new shopping format to Şanlıurfa, through its 1000th store. Covering an area of 4250 m2 with 17 cash registers, offering a wide range comprising 30 thousand products, and a total staff of 120, Şanlıurfa's largest store and the first hypermarket Şanlıurfa 5M Migros was opened on Thursday, 10 October, 2013, at 10:00, with an opening ceremony attended by Fuat Yanar, VP of Migros Group.

The opportunity to shop without payment for 1000 customers in the opening of the 1000th store
Şanlıurfa 5M Migros, where the opening of the 1000th store was celebrated with a cake for 1000 guests, not only has special prices to offer to celebrate, but also will provide 1000 customers a free shopping experience. A thousand customers who head to the cash registers after shopping will not pay for what they bought, after the good news given by the cashiers.

Çiğ köfte will be offered for 1000, fresh products and local delicacies will be placed on the shelves
The store's opening where çiğ köfte, a local dish of Şanlıurfa, was prepared for a thousand guests saw fresh vegetables and fruits and local delicacies take their places on the shelves. A multitude of delicatessen and meat products, kitchen and bathroom goods, products for kids, and electronic gadgets, are offered to locals of Şanlıurfa at Şanlıurfa 5M Migros, at hyper affordable prices.

A new shopping experience at Şanlıurfa's largest store, 5M Migros
Aiming to provide an experience combining fun, comfort and affordable prices in shopping, Şanlıurfa 5M Migros is the harbinger of a brand new shopping experience for consumers. For the first time, 'Living Spaces' serving different interests of different individuals is offered to consumers in Şanlıurfa, at 5M Migros. Offering more than 30 thousand products in a wide range covering living spaces for Kitchen, Kids, Electronics, Glassware, Bathroom and so on, at most affordable prices, Şanlıurfa 5M Migros is also endowed with recreational areas such as cafes and restaurants where the consumers may enjoy themselves after a most satisfactory shopping experience.

Glassware island for the kitchens of Şanlıurfa's women
The 'Kitchen Living Space' Şanlıurfa's locals were introduced to at 5M Migros offers all the options the consumers seek for their kitchens, from kitchen tables to practical, decorational, functional glassware, as well as products for dowry chests.

Offering the largest glassware and toys section a market could offer, Şanlıurfa 5M Migros will serve as the shopping destination for women and children in Şanlıurfa. Migros Group brought the news of most special offers and promotions which will be offered, beginning with the 'buy second one at 50%', '30% discount for all toys', and '50% discount for specific brands in personal care products' offered on the day of opening.